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Sahil we could every person go away. He requests the stall guys to play track as he want to bounce with his wife. each person turned into stunned to pay attention and the circle of relatives gadgets, however Bari Amma declares she named fifty one% of property after her son Shirtij’s name. he is rightful of all this, and the relaxation of 49% is known as after Sahil. Vaidika and Sahil return domestic. Vaidika questions how Bari Amma can take this decision. Doesn’t she comprehend Shirtij is gambling games with the family? Sahil items that he also has a share on this assets. He has worked tough on this enterprise; and what about the right of women. What about Prachi’s proportion, Shruti’s proportion, his Aarya’s proportion and what about his Vaidika ji’s percentage. those women depart their residence for their in-legal guidelines; can’t they lead them to sense cozy. Bari Amma ought to divide the property as consistent with due proportion; else he won’t let it show up. Vaidika tells Aarya that is her Sahil Papa, he usually thinks about them. He can by no means kill Guddu. Aarya replies Shirtij already warned her that this may appear, but she turned into fooled sufficient. He have to now hold his veiled face far from her. She tells Vaidika she will be able to by no means see any sick in her husband, but Aarya will always hater Sahil Agarwal. She leaves the hall. Bari Amma pronounces the division of assets will take region, precisely like she decided. She fingers the papers to Shirtij and leaves. whilst Sahil and Vaidika were alone, Shirtij warns them to exercise the family nicely. soon they’ll lose the business as properly. Sahil comes to Vaidika and assures after every dark night rises a new solar.

Next morning, Aarya steps on a few nails located immediately in her way. It hurts her foot. Shirtij comes to assist her right away. Aarya notices the nails, Shirtij wonders if youngsters located them here at the same time as playing may be. He then spots the nail container, and recalls setting each nail at the passage. He shows the field and the bracelet to Aarya. Aarya recognizes the bracelet as Sahil’s. Shirtij says Sahil most effective suggests off a gentle face. Its possible Vaidika had requested him to do all this. he’s taking the bracelet to Sahil. He warns Sahil he’ll take hold of Sahil’s daughter from him, like he snatched his father. Sahil grabs his collar, intriguing he would without a doubt murder him. Shirtij asks if he once more wishes Aarya to get widow. Sahil still grabs his collar. Shirtij locations his call for, to spare Aarya. Sahil changed into prepared to do anything. Shirtij wonders why Sahil loves his wife and step daughter a lot that he is even ready to die for them. Sahil listens to Shirtij’s demand and replies, some thing for his Aarya.

Shirtij and Sahil had taken their positions at the staircase. Shirtij confirms Aarya had simply entered. Shirtij drops himself down the steps. Aarya comes worried, even as Sahil follows down the stairs. Vaidika and Aarya were taken aback to look Sahil come downstairs. Aarya asks if Sahil pushed him. Sahil accepts its his mistake. Aarya asks Vaidika if she nonetheless believes Sahil can’t hurt her husband. She is blinded by using Sahil’s love, however she (Aarya) now acknowledges his actual face.

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11 April 2019
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11th April 2019
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11 April
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 11th April


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