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Pankti drags her mom out of doors. Her mom cries asking if someone behaves like this to her mother. Pankti says she isn’t worth staying in the residence, she proved to be her enemy and fall so much so to break Sahil and Vaidika’s relation and didn’t even care approximately her daughter’s grace. Pankti’s mom wasn’t geared up to go away. Pankti holds a knife from the fruit basket and warns to kill herself if her mother doesn’t go away the residence. Her mother cries that she did everything for Pankti. Pankti questions when she desired all this, she wanted to convey Sahil and Vaidika nearer and in return, her mom turned her right into a 2nd female. Her mother holds her luggage bag to go away. Pankti apologizes Sahil, she had no different manner. Sahil thanks Pankti, as he wanted to do this however didn’t have the braveness. Pankti says they will now carry Vaidika back domestic.

Prachi is going to answer a doorbell. The submit guy offers her papers for Sahil Agarwal. Sahil turned into stunned to peer Divorce papers from Vaidika. Prachi becomes glad that Vaidika’s departure is a blessing for her infant. Pankti asks Sahil to name Vaidika, Vaidika can’t take the sort of huge step. Prachi argues why her brother would call Vaidika. She also forgave Puneesh whilst he had an affair with Shruti, does Vaidika realise that means of divorce. Pandit ji had recommended the following day’s date for naming rite, and right here Vaidika is thinking about divorce. Sahil vows that no person can take his kids away from him.
within the police station, Puneesh becomes glad and tells Prachi that they have to take full advantage of this divorce information.

It turned into the past due at night. a person breaks into Vaidika’s room and takes the child from a cradle. It changed into Sahil who holds his little son. He thinks Vaidika can’t take his child from him, he’s Sahil Agarwal’s son as well. he is taking his infant, his naming rite ought to take area within the proper time. Vaidika wakes up at the click of the door, she comes out. At home Pankti questions why Sahil did this. Sahil changed into angry and says Vaidika also didn’t inform him whatever, she sent the divorce papers silently. Vaidika reaches Agarwal residence and turned into greatly surprised to see Sahil status with the child. He clarifies to Vaidika he delivered his son rightfully. she will take all of the selections of existence entirely. Vaidika questions if it was her sole decision, and he had no proportion? Sahil says he desires to do the naming ceremony of this child, he desires to announce to the arena that he is Sahil Agarwal’s child. Vaidika argues why they didn’t take her consent in this choice. Sahil asks if Vaidika asked him earlier than taking her choice. nobody can prevent him from becoming his father. He leaves the choice on Vaidika if she wants to leave the residence, or live till naming ceremony. Vaidika says she will live till naming ceremony, right now he must supply her the child as he is hungry and desires feed. She takes the child and leaves into the room. Bari Amma becomes happy and is going to put together for the naming ceremony. Pankti says Sahil is doing incorrectly right here, they need to talk to every different. Prachi warns Pankti to stay far away from this matter if she wasn’t satisfied after ruining their lifestyles already.

Pankti’s mother reaches Usha for an assist. Usha promises now not to allow her to fail. Usha says Pankti now believes in love after Pankti and Vaidika’s love; now this love will resolve the problem.

Pankti cries within the room even as considering the recent tendencies. She makes a decision to remedy this matter in any feasible manner. She has to add some advantageous energy in this Naming ceremony and prays for Vaidika and Sahil.

Prachi tells Puneesh she has taken care of everything, he can be unfastened the next day. She now wishes he gets access in Agarwal residence without absolutely everyone knowing. She becomes satisfied that her toddler won’t stay fatherless now. Puneesh kisses the lower back of her arms and assures he can be there. Prachi tells Puneesh its naming rite of Vaidika and Sahil’s toddler day after today. Puneesh thinks destiny will ring big devastation for them.

Aarya becomes going ahead to check for her mom. Guddu passed with the aid of and forestalls out of difficulty. He asks if the whole thing is best. Aarya becomes aggravated and asks why Guddu constantly attempt to get in the direction of her. Guddu became offensive and clarifies he handiest stopped because it’s overdue. Aarya receives a name from Vaidika, she turned into tensed and promises her mom to stay with Ved here. Guddu wants the entirety is first-class.

Precap:- Puneesh arrives in cover at the naming ceremony of Sahil and Vaidika’s baby.

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