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Aarya says she leaves the alternative selection over them, to decide who will stay in the residence and who will depart. there is only one circumstance, they may inform every person they took the selection willingly. They have to make each different realize they are able to’t live collectively anymore. She takes Shirtij alongside.

in the room, Aarya doesn’t let Shirtij get off the bed. She wonders how they could try this. She trendy Sahil and Vaidika. She had a big percentage in bringing them nearer, she insisted on her mother to simply accept the stay of Sahil. And today, Sahil is doing to be able to her. Even her mom went in opposition to her. She become crying that she concerned him in all this, then leaves the room. Shirtij feels for Aarya, and wonders why he feels bad for Aarya.

inside the lawn, Vaidika place Sahil’s quit her head and tells him to promise something he stated isn’t actual. Sahil insists they need to think about Aarya. He can’t lose Aarya, and Shirtij is making her do unusual matters. Vaidika asserts they’ve always faced all of the troubles of lifestyles together, they could’t bend in the front of Aarya and Shirtij. Aarya is incorrect right here, and they are able to’t uphold her false selections. Sahil persuade Vaidika that Aarya might retain to take them wrong otherwise. he’s doing all this due to his children, he have to live right here with Aarya. Vaidika need to leave with their sons. he will shield Aarya and distract her from Shirtij’s lure. He must try this, to reunite over again. they can pay attention to her for as soon as. Vaidika consoles herself, then assures her support to him. Sahil hugs Vaidika. Sahil says his days neither begin nor quit with out her, it’s going to be extraordinarily tough for him. Vaidika now holds Sahil’s face out of love and claims himself to be a present in her life. they may be parted far from every other. She stocks a ring with Sahil, in order that he in no way pass over her.

Prachi and Puneesh come to Bari Amma and whinge she is most effective concerned for Shirtij and has forgotten the other youngsters. Puneesh additionally complains she has became every body else into a puppet. Prachi tells Bari Amma they have got made a profile for Shruti’s marriage. Bari Amma doesn’t cognizance, she did it herself. Puneesh turned into curt over his spouse, as he already misplaced Bari Amma’s cash, now Shruti will also be misplaced.

Prachi seems for the profile within the computer. Puneesh takes the computer, and deletes the profile. Prachi became concerned that she herself examine the messages of involved applicants. Puneesh says it should be deleted. He asks who used the profile for the ultimate time. Puneesh says Shruti must have deleted it, she isn’t already interested by getting married. Prachi was curt that she is well conscious what Shruti desires to do in this residence.

The net morning, Sahil shouts at Vaidika within the corridor that he doesn’t need to argue with her. Shruti comes there. Sahil shouts that Vaidika is stubborn, she doesn’t communicate to him well herself. He says there’s a technology hole between them, they could in no way reconcile. He constantly attempted to think in step with her factor of view. Nani asks while Sahil commenced to care for age. Vaidika replies the most effective hassle among them is age gap, he continually argue together with her and behaves as immature. Deepak become astonished how they commenced to fight so loud. Nani says there are quite a few variations between spouses, however they shouldn’t create a hype of them. Sahil says whilst there had been problems among Deepak and Gauri, but no one knew; or even Shruti and Karan had issues. similarly, their issues have escalated. Vaidika and Sahil announce they are able to’t live with each other. Vaidika tells Nani she has attempted for years now, however this guy will never trade; she is fed up in their daily fights. She is leaving his residence, his family and his global. She is getting rid of Ved and Virat, and moving to their old residence. Shirtij smirks. Puneesh cautiously eyes them. Nani was sure Sahil will by no means let her go. Sahil speaks depart Vaidika ji, no one cares; it’s top for them. Bari Amma intervenes that her grandchildren gained’t go away, this is their residence. Vaidika interrupts that her children will stay together with her, nobody can stop her from taking her kids. Her child Sahil is living with his mom, Ved and Virat will also live with their mom.

PRECAP: Ved requests to live with Sahil. He requests Aarya to let them live right here, as he’s her preferred infant. Aarya become cussed. Sahil and Vaidika were parted. Later, Bari Amma nevertheless pleads in the front of Shirtij however he pushes her away mercilessly.

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12 April 2019
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th April 2019
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12 April
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th April


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