Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Puneesh holds Shruti’s hand even as she felt terrible. Vaidika comes defensive of Shruti, she says Shruti is best and doesn’t want his guide. It’s his last chance inside the residence, he must stay far from Shruti. Puneesh explains he is a totally modified man or woman. Vaidika says she will be able to see how modified he’s, she warns to inform his spouse about all this.

Bari Amma blames Vaidika in the front of Nani that Sahil is below her manipulate, he doesn’t consider something else and has organized the anniversary party. What if Kamli’s ghost spoils the birthday celebration.

Prachi tells Puneesh that nobody might buy the house if there’s a ghost in here. Puneesh shouts at Prachi that she ought to not use his useless mind and do what she is asked to. He thinks he will revenge Vaidika of his insult in this night’s birthday party.

At night, Sahil welcomes the guests to anniversary party. The guests speak that they had been already reluctant to come back over due to the ghost information. It seems those are rumors and had been spread via their enemies. Deepak talk with Nani what if Kamli suggests herself up within the celebration, humans will begin believing what’s handiest taken into consideration a rumor.

Vaidika comes to Ghungru’s room. She tells Ghungru that tonight there received’t be whatever wrong within the celebration, today he can’t be part of the planning and must rot inside the room. She locks Ghungru within the room. Ghungru asks if she thinks her family will not allow him be a part of the function. Vaidika boasts its Agarwal family, they could’t make any mental character be a part of the celebrations. After Vaidika has left, Ghungru smirks that he’s going to see how they revel in the celebrations.
Vaidika comes under a spotlight and is acquired by using Sahil. Sahil speaks to the group that they met six years in advance and he decided he would best spend his existence with Vaidika. Vaidika is the whole international for him. nowadays, if Sahil stand as a distinct man or woman it’s due to Vaidika, his own family and he stands blanketed from a whole lot of problems because of Vaidika, he considers himself extraordinarily fortunate that Vaidika usual him. He want to spend every existence with Vaidika, and handiest want a unmarried alternate. He have to be older than her in all the next lives, in order that none can enhance a finger over her. He kneels and asks Vaidika if she might be part of his existence for all time. Vaidika wipes her tears and takes his hand with a nod. They dance collectively on ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’.

Precap: Vaidika speaks Sahil is the exceptional guy with maximum characteristics inside the international. Puneesh flies into the hall from above them and holds Sahil up in the air. Sahil fell on the floor unconscious.


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