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Pankti thinks Sahil is a very fine guy that is why Vaidika loved her. She is sure Sahil will win her heart all over again. Prachi involves Pankti and sends her to Vaidika’s room with the medication that Bari Amma had despatched. Pankti comes with the medicine, Vaidika indicators her to go away it at the table. Pankti asks Vaidika why she doesn’t forgive Sahil. Vaidika says she didn’t take her consent, she should leave. Pankti explains she has been stuck in this case, her mother gave her medicine and Sahil became additionally drunk. Vaidika asks what the question of marriage is that if a man can get inebriated and spend night time with any woman. It’s their personal count and they will solve it via themselves. Pankti argues that Vaidika isn’t resolving the problem, as a substitute she doesn’t reply to Sahil’s efforts.

Vaidika is unaware what type of men exist inside the global, they in no way recognize women. no one, even she wouldn’t have fallen for Sahil. before leaving, she asks Vaidika to take her remedy. Prachi watches through the window as Vaidika takes the drugs. She thinks it will now be an amusing, Pankti and Vaidika are each unaware it turned into hypnotic (snoozing tablets).

Late at night, Ved brings Sahil into the room that Vaidika is asleep and he desires to listen to bedtime tale. Sahil sings a lullaby for him. Pankti stood by using a wall outside the room and falls asleep by using the lullaby. Virat had commenced crying. Sahil thinks what if Vaidika wakes up and take Virat out of doors. Pankti becomes just leaving when Sahil asks her to help to put Virat asleep. both Sahil and Pankti were gambling with Virat, Vaidika comes to take hold of Virat and says she now knows Pankti gave her snoozing capsules to steal her youngsters and husband. She blames that Pankti compelled her to forgive Sahil but her real intentions are fake. She blames that Pankti stayed her most effective because she wants a husband like Sahil; she confessed herself some time ago. She accuses Pankti’s intentions of becoming a 2nd female in Sahil’s existence.

Sahil asks Vaidika if she is blaming him for this illegitimate relation as properly. Vaidika blames that Pankti is a second female, she is trying to grab her husband and youngsters and breaking her marriage; what to name a woman who establishes illegitimate relation to a person else’s husband. Sahil misplaced his temper over her screaming and raised his hand. The 3 of them had been taken aback. Sahil realizes right away, he apologizes her at once and explains he can in no way think of doing so. Vaidika says a person doesn’t hurt anyone repeatedly if he loves the person. If Sahil desire to keep this marriage; first there have been point out of age distinction, then the illegitimate relation among him and Pankti and today… This marriage has ended for her nowadays, they need to simplest continue to be the dad and mom to their kids. She requests him no longer to observe her anymore.

Vaidika cries in the hall to her room, at the same time as Sahil stood there in the corridor, stunned. He then moves closer to the wall and hurts his knuckles punching it. She changed into distressed that he destroyed his own love along with his hands. Pankti wonders why the whole thing is being spoilt among them if she is the motive of this anxiety she ought to remedy it as properly.

Precap:- Vaidika receives Valentine day plants from Sahil thru post. Puneesh and Prachi have been decided to smash their relation.

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