Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The celebration goes on. Sahil and Vaidika had been dancing together. Deepak unearths Shruti crying in a corner, he sympathetically offers her a tissue to wipe her tears and be a part of her brother and sister in law’s celebrations. The lighting had been became on as the performance ends. Nani brings a mike to Vaidika to say some thing for her husband now.
inside the room, Ghungru boasts he is an expert in hypnoses. Vaidika doesn’t recognise he can’t include him inner a room. today, this circle of relatives will witness what it never did in advance, it will get a big set returned.
Downstairs, Vaidika says Sahil is the pleasant guy of her existence. He has executed the satisfactory all and sundry could do for a person. abruptly, the lighting of the hall blink. The guests were terrified. Puneesh flies down to the hall, clutches Sahil’s neck and holds

him up in the air with the neck. He punches Sahil in the midair, then leaves him to swirl down to the ground, even as he himself fells down with a jerk.
The circle of relatives hurry to Sahil, Puneesh rubs Puneesh’s arms as he wakes up conscious now. Sahil additionally wakes up. The guests there now consider the rumors of the ghosts and flee from Agarwal residence.
in the room, Ghungru thinks Vaidika came out to be a susceptible participant. He had already controlled that Puneesh Tiwari. Bari Amma tells Vaidika that now the whole town might giggle at them, their residence will now be well-known as Ghost house. no person will buy this house anymore. Sahil tells Bari Amma to act properly, it become his plan. there’s a manner to talk. Vaidika had dragged Ghungru downstairs and says he’s liable for all this. He isn’t mad, he controls the minds of anybody. Bari Amma doesn’t agree with Vaidika, she says Vaidika herself locked Ghungru inside a room. Kamli’s ghost is accountable for all this. Vaidika insists that this guy is making plans all this, he desires them to agree with there’s Kamli’s ghost in the residence. Sahil became indecisive and wasn’t ready to trust Vaidika. Nani asks Vaidika to pay attention to everybody now. Bari Amma sends all people inner. Vaidika also became to leave while Ghungru stops her there, he tells Vaidika he enjoys the sport. even though, she is nothing in front of his power. She must remember the fact that on this combat of cat and mouse, mouse will always win. And if she tries to tell every person about him, Sahil gained’t be secure. it would take no time to throw him immediately down the floor as nicely. Vaidika demanding situations him to try this now, if she or her husband is hurt besides, she could not spare him. Ghungru says Vaidika have to now not have seen someone like him. Vaidika challenges Ghungru that she will be able to find out besides what relation he has with the circle of relatives. It’s her promise to him. Ghungru thinks he’ll further experience this sport.
Sahil become placing Virat to sleep when Vaidika comes into the room. She remembers Ghungru’s warning to harm Sahil if she tries and tells all and sundry about him. She takes Virat from Sahil. He stops Vaidika and hugs her. Vaidika breaks into tears. Sahil says they have usually saved their family, and they will hold to guard the circle of relatives at any value. He requests Vaidika to stop fighting now. They don’t realize who their actual enemy is. She have to allow Ghungru stay on this house. Ghungru has come from intellectual sanatorium, and he can’t forget about that he’s accountable for Kamli’s death in some manner. Vaidika is of the same opinion to something Sahil desire and hugs him. She silently thinks she will’t allow Ghungru win and harm Sahil, she need to get to the roots of the matter. It’s important to hide this statistics for his very own safety. he’s extremely foxy man, its vital to find out what’s the secret in the back of 333. Why he has such hatred for Agarwal family. He has come to finish this own family off. It’s her goal to win over Ghungru besides.
PRECAP: Vaidika stalks Ghungru who goes to meet an unknown woman.


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