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Vaidika was in the corridor disillusioned approximately her falling courting. A postman brings her a flower bouquet and a card from Sahil Agarwal. Vaidika cries while analyzing the car of Valentine’s Day. She recalls Sahil’s latest stances in opposition to him and leaves the bouquet and card proper at the desk. Prachi and Puneesh watched her, Prachi become appreciative of Puneesh’s thoughts. Sahil and Vaidika have come to physical harassment. Puneesh tells Prachi that he will compel Sahil to push this Vaidika out of this residence as they did him. Does Prachi confirm if they may be doing this for his or her baby to be? Puneesh says glaringly, it’s for his or her unborn toddler. He throws the bouquet away.

Nani stops Pankti and snatches a listing of marriage proposals in her hand. She cheers looking the listing and prays Pankti receives a suggestion right away, then calls all and sundry to acquire round. She informs Deepak and Bari Amma about Pankti’s intentions as nicely. Sahil asks Pankti if this decision is due to what took place remaining night time. Pankti says that is the proper selection, even for her personal decision as nicely. She has already been accused and blamed by way of society, however, she should move on in existence. She didn’t need to percentage this information with everybody, however, it’s pleasant. people maintain a fake belief that she is at the back of Sahil, however, she isn’t interested in someone else’s husband. Bari Amma tells Sahil not to intrude in Pankti’s selections, and tells Pankti they’ll marry her from their personal house. Prachi thinks this might damage Puneesh’s complete making plans, she needs to tell him approximately Pankti’s selection. in the kitchen, Vaidika was pouring meals for Ved. Sahil calms his nerves down then says Ved doesn’t like tons oil in his Khichdi. Vaidika replies he is aware of what his son needs.

Sahil says he added Ved for longer than she did. He continues hectic her and says she herself claimed they are a most effective mother and father to their youngsters; he holds a complete proper to interfere. Vaidika gets a call from Ved and was tensed straight away, she runs out of the residence. Sahil additionally receives a comparable name and hurries out of doors. They collect outside Vaidika’s antique house which changed into locked. Vaidika cries out of panic. Ved calls them with an extensive smile on his face. They circulate internally. Bari Amma, Nani and all people looked around the decorations and lighting fixtures preparations for Valentine’s. Ved becomes extraordinarily excited. Sahil whispers to Vaidika that they could at least have a good time for Ved. Vaidika appreciates Ved’s planning and asks what they need to do. Ved shows approximately a dance. Prachi thinks this could destroy Puneesh’s plan. Vaidika and Sahil dance with each other.

Usha and Mandagini watched the celebrations. Mandagini tells Usha she has didn’t separate Sahil and Vaidika. maintaining Pankti’s mother at domestic is going to be vain. She herself goes to Deepak, as he seems her most effective gate into Agarwal residence.

Ved was dissatisfied as his dad and mom weren’t speak to every different and sat at distinct corners of the corridor. Aarya unearths a present field at the table. Guddu stood with a bouquet for her. He insists that this is their first Valentine’s Day, he surely wants she accepts it. Aarya takes the bouquet.

Deepak appears round for Puneesh as the cold beverages hadn’t been arranged. Mandakini comes to hug him from in the back of. Deepak changed into irritated and asks why she is so in the back of him.

Mandakini asks her Valentine’s present. Deepak takes to escape from there. Mandakini dreams of ruling this Agarwal residence at some point. Deepak hears Prachi’s voice and wonders what’s going on. He seems ahead and reveals Prachi and Puneesh in Sardar’s hide collectively. They speak that Puneesh will not let Vaidika and Sahil unite at any cost. Deepak comes to a decision to take the information of this betrayal to Puneesh in jail.

Precap:- Tensions prevail among Sahil and Vaidika.

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