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Aarya is his wife, Sahil must be grateful she is in front of his eyes now. Sahil need to pass and do the house chores, he should already be missing his spouse. Sahil tells Shirtij he left Vaidika for the affection of Aarya, such is his love. He has to defend his family, irrespective of how sturdy an enemy is; love wins ultimately. It’s higher for Shirtij Asthana to thoughts it.

It become night time, Aarya watches her own family photographs and Ved’s requests. She turned into upset and cries. Shirtij comes to the room. He thanks Aarya, and feels himself lucky to have met every different. irrespective of how tensed he’s, looking her seems the entirety may be fine. Shirtij wonders how he can communicate freely to Aarya regardless of all his selfishness. Why he’s doing all this. Aarya asks if he is nice. He replies he is quality, then gives Aarya to head on a dinner. it is going to be an amazing change for them.

Downstairs, Prachi confirms her aunt about the Goad Bharai. Neelam snatches her phone and announce there may be no Goad Bharai. Prachi was offensive. Neelam says she is Shirtij’s mother and Aarya’s mom in law, they can’t celebrate anything within the residence without their permission. Sahil watches this from the stairs, Aarya and Shirtij had already reached the corridor. Sahil comes and decides there could be no
Goad Bharai. some of kids are born with out Goad Bharai, the child could be born besides. Aarya says it will take area. Sahil Agarwal in no way cares for other’s feelings; no matter it’s his step daughter, his children or his sister. now not for someone like Puneesh Tiwari, but for a mom to be, the Goad Bharai will take area within the residence. Shirtij also has the same opinion. Aarya forbids absolutely everyone to ask Vaidika. She left on her personal will, however she will be able to’t input this house without her permission. Afterwards, Sahil thinks in spite of everything Aarya is her daughter. His trick of opposite mentality worked. Now he’s going to do some thing to convey Vaidika right here.

Vaidika watches the name plate of her and Sahil’s name outdoor the residence and feels upset. She turns around and negates the notion that Sahil may be here. Sahil finally calls her call. She become excited to see him. They pass upstairs to the balcony. Sahil was romantic and asks if she desires of him. She replies with a grin that he doesn’t let her sleep. Sahil says likewise, she doesn’t permit him work. He gets seated with her for the meal. There had been 4 roses. He then opens the lunch box, it changed into her favourite dish. Sahil tells Vaidika Aarya is stricken by their separation.

He knows the way to get his work finished; reverse psychology. Vaidika turned into unsure wherein it will take them. now and again their methods to address matters is exceptional due to age gap, what if this difference prevails. Sahil says in addition they love every different, and this separation is most effective an act. She forces Vaidika to smile and loosen up. Puneesh Tiwari had walked closer to the house and spots Sahil and Vaidika enjoying a few satisfied, romantic moments at the balcony. He thinks there was something wrong, they handiest aimed toward misguiding Shirtij and Aarya.

The next day, Sahil makes preparations for the Goad Bharai. Shirtij comes to Sahil and asks if he is definitely lacking his spouse, it should were long that he spoke to Vaidika. Sahil says he is used to winning, Shirtij might quickly do not forget this. Sahil thinks Vaidika had to be a part of this birthday celebration, they’ll soon recognise how Vaidika could be here. Prachi was delivered downstairs for the Goad Bharai. Sahil speaks to the visitor that there need to be a unique birthday party as this second has come in Prachi’s life after lengthy. some ladies in traditional dresses arrive for the overall performance.

Precap: The lighting go off right away. Prachi screams her necklace was lost. Puneesh caught a female fleeing from the party. Aarya goes to take away the veil off the female’s face.

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 16 April 2019
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 16th April 2019
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 16 April
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 16th April


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