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In The Birthday party, Ved and Nani watch Vaidika go to the washroom. Ved mischievously takes Sahil to the washroom and pushes Sahil internal. He locks the door from outside and says he will simplest unlock until they make up. Nani and Ved go to have ice-cream even as leaving Sahil and Vaidika nonetheless locked. Sahil turns round, Vaidika nearly slips and her hand turns the shower on. both stood near each different. Sahil removes her hair and turns the shower off. He silently says their love is precise, she can’t depart their love. Time can only forestall, but it cannot break their relation. He requests her to permit pass of her bitterness, for him simplest Vaidika, their youngsters and his circle of relatives remember. He loves all of them greatly. They had been about to kiss when Pankti opens the door. She becomes without delay apologetic. Sahil says it’s o.k.

Vaidika leaves the washroom. Prachi and Puneesh watch this from backstage, Prachi says she intentionally despatched Pankti inside.

Aarya snatches a paper from Guddu and says he can’t clutch her personal property. Guddu asks why Aarya didn’t tell him she changed into leaving for the US. Aarya says things weren’t sorted between them, how she should take a decision without his consent. He holds Aarya’s arm and didn’t let her cross. Sahil involves warning Guddu to live away from Aarya. Vaidika comes in among, she advocates that Aarya ought to attend on her marriage proper now. Sahil seconds Aarya that Vaidika needs to be satisfied. Vaidika asserts that marriage becomes Aarya’s choice. She must type things among herself and Guddu. She is doing exactly what Guddu did to her, by using not telling her about Taxi riding. Sahil convinces Vaidika that Aarya ought to do what she has to proper now, why fear about the future. Vaidika smirks it’s o.k., why keep in mind destiny; this is what he does himself. His movements already suggest what destiny way for him. If he becomes thoughtful, he has to have concept well about his step that night time. She says she can’t forgive him, and will no longer live with him both. She is going inside. Pankti asks Sahil what become the want to argue. Sahil says he handiest shared his point, didn’t fought. He vows to settle the problem within the next ten days.

Pankti’s mother spots her there in the road and hugs her. Pankti gets far away from her mom and holds her chargeable for breaking Sahil and Vaidika’s relation. She tells her mother about marrying someone of her likes. she will take gain of Sahil’s help. Her mom says Pankti is falling for Sahil, she received be able to depart Sahil and marry all of us else.

Tomorrow, Pankti meets a man from marriage bureau. She greets the fellow with him and introduces her with a candidate. Pankti clarifies she became the female in Sahil and Vaidika’s scandal. The candidate responds offensively. however, Gaurav, the consultant of marriage bureau likes her guts. Afterwards, Nani comes to Pankti and scoffs her approaches. Sahil comes to shield that Pankti is looking for a sincere guy. She seems in the direction of Vaidika status in the back of and says he is aware of properly its coronary heartbreaking while your life companion doesn’t accept as true with you. He silently thinks he will settle the problem tonight.

At night, Sahil brings Vaidika blindfolded to the outhouse. He eliminates his fingers. The room has been adorned with lighting fixtures. at the desk, meals were served. Sahil says he doesn’t need to inform Vaidika how lots he loves, nonetheless he cooked her kind of pasta himself. He receives themselves seated and offers a chunk to Vaidika. Vadika’s eyes have been crammed in tears. Sahil requests her to taste this. Vaidika thinks approximately Sahil and Pankti and turns to leave rather. Sahil holds her arms and requests her to forgive him. Vaidika says their relationship will always be there, they may be dad and mom to their kids and can be precise friends. when a girl watches her husband with any other lady, she will never forget about the ache. Sahil was helpless and cries for a way out.

Ved hits Pankti in the hall. She notices Ved carried her diary. Ved requests for a coloured paper from the diary to make a card. Pankti gives to assist with Ved. Prachi was spying and thinks she needs to discover something to be made public from this diary.

Deepak comes to Puneesh to take him to jail. Puneesh thinks no one is aware of he has been released from jail. He wonders what Deepak wants from jail. at the manner, Puneesh intentionally hits an automobile with the pole. Deepak turned into competitive and dials mechanic’s call. Puneesh thinks he should do something to completely to hold Deepak faraway from the jail.

Precap:- Vaidika comes to Pankti with the diary and forces her to accept her likings for Sahil.

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