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Aarya proclaims that they need to name the antique servants again and hire a brand new cook. Prachi and others leave the desk with end result. Sahil thanks Vaidika.

Later, Vaidika calls Aarya to the corridor. everybody gather there. Vaidika says soon Sahil could be lower back, the truth of Shirtij Asthana would come to everybody now and their scattered family will reunited. she can get her antique Aarya again. Aarya questions what Vaidika needs. Vaidika tells Aarya to stand on a assist, soon she might lose her stability out of shock. Sahil opens the main door. A woman comes inner with Sahil. Shirtij and Neelam had been left in a country of surprise. Sahil tells the lady to introduce herself and inform them all what’s actual. The lady says she is Shirtij Asthana’s wife. Sahil shows Aarya the picture of their marriage. The woman confess Shirtij become always suffering because of his own family. She made a plan with him, Shirtij hypnotized Guddu and later killed him. They needed to loot the own family, and flee the country. Neelam claims her a liar, however Vaidika says she has a evidence of the whole lot they are pronouncing. Aarya leaves into the room, Shirtij follows her. Vaidika tells Neelam now Shirtij Asthana’s sport is over, she will be able to now get them punished.

in the room, Aarya sobs badly. Shirtij involves her and forces her to concentrate to him. Shirtij accepts his sins, his errors and everything; however nonetheless he has fallen in love together with her. He doesn’t want to depart her. Vaidika comes from behind and hits Shirtij with a vase, then a stick; thinking how dare he touch her daughter. she will be able to kill him. She beats Shirtij badly with a stick, hitting his head. She hugs Aarya. Shirtij gets up and changed into about to hit Vaidika with the equal rod. Sahil stops the strike in midair. He questions if Shirtij deemed Agarwal own family as weak. The police come to arrest Shirtij on rate of Guddu’s murder. Aarya was embarrassed and apologize Vaidika and Sahil. She spoke loads, or even attempted to component them. Vaidika and Sahil console Aarya. Sahil says Aarya is their existence, she needn’t say a sorry. Vaidika says mother and father by no means break their relation even if children make a mistake, she remains her young little Aarya; i like you. She hugs Aarya. Sahil takes both into his hug. within the police van, Shirtij thinks Sahil and Vaidika are proud of their love. he’s going to name off their life, to never reunite. he will give up this love tale.

Vaidika involves her room, after her children were asleep. Sahil place her head into her lap. She thinks tomorrow could be a brand new day for their circle of relatives. She desire Vaidika forgets the entirety. Sahil tells Vaidika not to worry in any respect. all the negativities are out of this house now. Vaidika notices a tattoo over Sahil’s wrist, Sadika. Sahil says he wish themselves to be the identical lover every lifestyles, that’s why he got this made. irrespective of their lives exchange, their faces and voices are also different in each existence but their hearts must live collectively. Vaidika kiss the tattoo and promises to continually be his. Sahil carefully appears toward Vaidika. Vaidika says they’re together even in this existence, why speak the subsequent lives then. She loves him dearly, and could always lifestyles collectively with him. Sahil asks what if something happens to him. Vaidika was right away aggravated at his mention of falsehoods. Sahil apologizes because it turned into simplest supposed to gather a touch interest from her. quickly, there was a wind typhoon and a vase at the table breaks. Sahil assures not anything is wrong, and goes to close the window pane. Vaidika was terrified.

Precap Upcoming Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Episode Update: Aarya and Ved prepare a special video and birthday party for Sahil and Vaidika. The lighting of the house go off without delay, Virat and Ved go lacking.


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