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Vaidika leaves Agarwal house. Sahil was aggressive and says this time he would take such motion. all and sundry compels him to go and talk to Vaidika, she can agree. Prachi thinks Puneesh’s plan labored perfectly, though she feels bad for her but she did the whole thing for her infant.

Vaidika reaches a temple and cries badly. She wonders how a 2d female got here among them, she had given Sahil another danger however he broke her trust another time. She turns round at the voice of footsteps. It become Pankti. Vaidika asks why Pankti got here right here. Pankti tells Vaidika to believe Sahil, whilst he says he didn’t purchase that assets then he didn’t. If a chunk of paper approach more than Sahil. Vaidika questions who Pankti is, giving her clarifications from Sahil. Her marriage with Gaurav made her consider Sahil once more, however it didn’t take place. Vaidika turns to leave. Pankti stops Vaidika and says she is destroying the whole thing because of a unmarried night time, she irritated the matter to a extra extent.

She tells Vaidika she can do anything to get a life partner like Sahil, and Vaidika doesn’t price for having him as lifestyles companion. She warns Vaidika to break his heart repeatedly; why is she breaking her relation with Sahil because of Gaurav. Vaidika asks Pankti if Gaurav become right that she loves Sahil. Pankti thinks for a while, then says she would have gone to any volume to get Sahil’s love if she wasn’t there in his lifestyles. today, if Vaidika breaks her relationship Sahil once more, she will marry him. she will be able to recommend Sahil for marriage and take him to the united states. the next day is MahaShrivastri, within subsequent ten years both Vaidika have to take delivery of Sahil or she can marry him within the identical temple. she can love him a lot that he’s going to overlook the trials inflicted by way of Vaidika. Vaidika may additionally take Sahil together with her if she desire. Pankti walks away.

Sahil tells Maya he has attempted the whole thing but Vaidika is only doubtful of him. Maya asks him to relax first, Vaidika may appear incorrect but at the least for once Sahil need to suppose in her vicinity. humans have suggested Vaidika that she is older than him and he may appearance directly to other women. She went towards the world to marry him, however right now she must be insecure due to Pankti. He need to stand with Vaidika right now, he must love him truly and she or he will get onto the proper direction again. He should installed his efforts; their unique relation is an notion for others. Sahil changed into clueless what he should do. Maya shares an concept about igniting Vaidika’s fear. can be she wishes a surprise at this degree? Sahil says he now is aware of what he wishes to do.

within the room, Sahil asks Pankti to assist him. They must sit down in the Mandap and pretend marrying each other. Pankti changed into taken aback to hear this. Sahil says Vaidika is his existence, he can’t stay with out her and wishes to try this. when Sahil has left, Pankti stood in a quandary. while certainly one of her reflections urges her to head and get Sahil as she loves him, she received’t get any life accomplice like Sahil; the other one reminds Pankti that it’s because of Sahil and Vaidika that they her accept as true with in love became restored. She have to now assist Sahil get Vaidika returned once more. She stood burdened among the two mind, then wipes her tears with a willpower.

There at home, Aarya brings a sindoor field to Guddu and says she received’t let space for bitterness of their lives. She wants to take their wedding vows once again, it had broken before it started out. She says this direction isn’t as vital as her marriage and he or she can’t stay with out him. Guddu says one in every of their wedding ceremony promise changed into to face with every different, he can’t damage her dream and wants to stand beside her forever. Aarya hugs him and apologizes for teasing him. Guddu accepts he hurt her trust and is somewhere chargeable for her grievances as nicely. Aarya says she now knows Guddu isn’t like the betrayers. She trusts her absolutely. Guddu tells her to move and whole her path in subsequent 3 months, he’s going to watch for her. Aarya thanks him for coming into her existence, and not giving up of their marriage.

It was morning. Vaidika nevertheless stood in the temple and demanded a reply for her questions from the God. She became stubborn and ready to die proper here, however no longer leave without a clear course for herself. She dances within the temple.

At Agarwal residence, Prachi stood with signed divorce papers that Vaidika despatched for Sahil. Sahil reads the papers. Prachi says she hasn’t both come home; she is in disbelief regarding her decision. Sahil tried to persuade her in subsequent fifteen days however her ego is stressful.
There Vaidika nevertheless danced inside the temple.

Pankti asks Sahil what they have to do now, Vaidika has already signed the divorce papers. Sahil leaves home together with Vaidika. Bari Amma and Nani had been tensed. Prachi turned into glad that Puneesh’s thoughts were running. She brings him in the outside and tells Puneesh that the divorce papers he sent gave furor to Sahil. She turned into doubtful that each time they clear up their grievances. Puneesh assures that this time he has made enough preparations for that as nicely. Deepak pay attention Prachi name the Sardar as Puneesh Jee and thinks there is some thing wrong for certain.

Vaidika ran in the street of Kanpur, going toward Agarwal house. She was determined to inform Sahil that she loves him and might’t live without him. Puneesh calls some goons, they kidnap Vaidika.

in the temple, Sahil assures Pankti that this received’t take place. Vaidika could sure come to temple confessing her love. Pankti asks what if she doesn’t come over, in the event that they marry in front of God they may be taken into consideration as spouses. Sahil says it gained’t appear at any fee, Vaidika will truly attain them before.

Pankti’s mother comes to Vaidika within the godown she changed into saved. Vaidika changed into vulnerable, and asks her to allow her go to Sahil. Pankti’s mom says she had already forbidden Vaidika to interfere in Sahil and Pankti’s marriage; Pankti is well worth being Sahil’s spouse. Now Pankti will marry Sahil. Vaidika asks what kind of a mom she is, she is destroying her and Pankti’s lifestyles similarly. She enforced her daughter to spend a lifestyles illegitimately with Sahil as well. Pankti could by no means be able to live happily. Pankti’s mother wasn’t geared up to recognize something. She says it was in her choose that Vaidika left Sahil, and paved way for Pankti to marry him. She prepares an injection for Vaidika. Vaidika hold inquiring for her weakly but was given the drugs. Pankti’s mom says she has injected a poison and within five hours, Vaidika will be useless. They obtain a call from Sahil on Vaidika’s call. Her mother places the decision on speaker. Sahil says he is with Pankti in the Mandap in temple. He wants to realize from Vaidika if she wants to maintain their relation and store their marriage. Vaidika doesn’t communicate. Sahil says he has signed the divorce papers she despatched, and if she doesn’t come to shop their particular love story he’s going to marry Pankti. Vaidika lay unconscious.

Puneesh comes to the godown with Pankti’s mother, they throw a pitcher of water over Vaidika’s face. Puneesh orders his goons to untie her hand and forces Vaidika to jot down that Sahil has damaged her trust. Vaidika became cussed, no longer ready to write down. Puneesh warns Vaidika if she doesn’t write what he says, his guys will blow Sahil up on the mandap. He forces Vaidika to jot down that Sahil broke her believe, he doesn’t love her anymore and fall for Pankti. She is leaving his life in order that he marries Pankti and live luckily. They force her to signal the notice as properly. Puneesh says Vaidika’s useless frame and this observe will reach Agarwal residence soon. They inject some other medicine into Vaidika’s body regardless of her vulnerable pleadings. Puneesh says till she is alive, they need to hold an eye fixed over her. After some time, all of us depart the godown as Vaidika was subconscious. Vaidika pukes and her attention returns. She untie the ropes tying her hands and ft. She become not able to stability herself, her head banged badly.

Deepak comes to Puneesh’s room and thinks he must discern out the problem with the driver. He finds a report of Prachi’s being pregnant document which became high quality. He wonders what this report is doing here. this means it’s far Puneesh Tiwari in Sardar’s cover. He makes a decision to unveil this clever guy’s tale these days.

The Pandit reaches the temple for Sahil and Pankti’s marriage. the program begins with an announcements from the stage for a few visitors from Mumbai.

Vaidika attempts to lie to the goons from the godown. Pankti’s mother stood in front of her and takes her internal, she wanted to reveal her some thing.

Pankti silently desire Vaidika doesn’t come over nowadays. If she doesn’t value Vaidika, she wants to marry Sahil and love him the manner he merits.

Pankti’s mother brings Vaidika right into a hall. Ved and Virat’s cradle hung with a rod from roof. Pankti’s mom says she gained’t spare Vaidika and her children alive. she will be able to’t let some thing be a hurdle in Pankti and Sahil’s wedding ceremony.

in the temple, Pankti tells Sahil that Vaidika received’t come. She guarantees to face with him and could even combat for her custody of his kids. If Vaidika doesn’t cost their relation, she doesn’t deserve his love.

At Agarwal residence, Deepak tells Bari Amma and Nani that that is a person else in Sardar’s disguise. Bari Amma doesn’t pay a whole lot attention. Nani but permits Deepak to take a few minutes and prove this. Deepak pulls Puneesh’s beard deeming it fake, but Puneesh screams of pain alternatively. Bari Amma slaps Deepak and apologizes Sardar ji. Deepak nonetheless insists that this guy is fraud. He offers Bari Amma the file of Prachi’s being pregnant, he discovered in her room. Prachi explains he is their motive force, she instructed him to carry her document from the hospital. Bari Amma asks why she didn’t share approximately her being pregnant with them. Prachi says she idea there has been lots tension within the residence already. Deepak says he herself heard Prachi name him as Puneesh ji. Bari Amma and Nani weren’t prepared to agree with Deepak’s claims, and send Puneesh away. Sardar takes a depart, Bari Amma takes Nani and Prachi inner. Puneesh thinks he was aware Deepak will create some trouble and fixed the beard with a tight glue.

Pankti’s mother shows Vaidika the live circulate video of Sahil and Pankti from the temple. Vaidika screams in resistance, and says she will be able to’t allow them to marry. She seems closer to Ved and Virat. Pankti’s mom comes to Puneesh and says she in no way notion she will be able to visit such an extent for her daughter. nonetheless she doesn’t experience any guilt, however an inner comfort. as a minimum, they may be doing a prefer to Vaidika. people might pity her that she couldn’t endure her husband’s 2d marriage and died together with her kids.

At Agarwal house, Nani become tensed. Bari Amma decides to name the police. Maya comes home with a terrible news. They couldn’t find about Vaidika or children, and Sahil is marrying Pankti. Bari Amma and Nani were offensive. Prachi asks Bari Amma to let Sahil marry Pankti, Vaidika rejected Sahil and continually go away him; Sahil is young and merits an age fellow wife. Maya asks approximately Vaidika. Bari Amma wasn’t ready to just accept this. They decide to go to Sahil, Maya tells them approximately the Shiv temple and takes them along. Prachi smirks that its already too late, the playing cards had been performed already.

Ved calls Vaidika for help. Vaidika asks Ved if he is strong like his father. Ved nods. She asks him to transport slowly in the direction of the corner of the rod he’s hung with. She greenbacks him up to jump off the rod and run from here. Virat turned into now crying.

Bari Amma, Nani and Maya were headed closer to the temple. Their automobile stops by means of Ved who lay on the street unconscious. The women panic and sprinkle water over her face. Ved became weakly able to speak that he was hung with the ceiling and held his mom tied with ropes. Maya prays for Vaidika’s safety. They determine to take Ved to clinic however they pay attention Virat’s cries. Maya takes Ved to health center while Bari Amma and Nani observe the voice.

Pankti’s mother comes into the godown, furious over her goons. She takes Virat into her hands and says Vaidika could usually repent because Virat could simplest die due to her. She rolls Virat into the air but Bari Amma catches him. Nani throws cement into the eyes of Pankti’s mom and goons. They unfastened Vaidika’s hands and guarantees to take Virat to sanatorium.

Vaidika reaches the temple to discover Sahil had married Pankti.

PRECAP: Sahil tells Vaidika she become past due, he already married Pankti. Vaidika fell subconscious. Bari Amma curses Pankti.


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