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Sahil approached Vaidika’s home with his folks. Avantika was energized and prepared to meet them. Avantika’s companion gets some information about Sorab. Avantika answers he is just a sweetheart, and her folks discovered him a rich man now. She should proceed to meet him. She comes to welcome the visitors. Sahil contemplates Vaidika whom he was unfit to get over. Avantika’s mom acquaints her with Sahil. Sahil faces shake hands with her. Sahil’s mom requests that he go to veranda with Avantika and invest some energy. Sahil focuses towards his mom yet his dad demands him to go.

In the veranda, Sahil asks Avantika for what valid reason she is over eager, it’s solitary their first gathering. Avantika inquires as to whether he never loved a young lady at first sight. Sahil was lost in Vaidika’s idea. Avantika inquires as to whether he didn’t like her. Sahil clarifies he doesn’t trust in orchestrate relational unions, and he isn’t not kidding about marriage too. Avantika challenges he won’t discover anybody superior to her, she allows him 24 hours; else he should wed her. Sahil shakes hand with her, yet was stressed how he can get some answers concerning that young lady.

Vaidika was in the eatery with her Mausi. A matured man comes there. Mausi presents her with the man Kashab. He illuminates he needs a mother for his two kids, and she is a divorced person. She should not have an issue with the marriage. Vaidika demonstrates reservation to her Mausi. Kashab reveals to Vaidika he won’t abandon her like her earlier spouse. Vaidika unmistakably states she was uninformed of this gathering and its motivation, she can’t wed somebody who as of now has two youngsters. Kashab was irate, and inquires as to whether some single man could ever wed her. Any man may abandon her for her frame of mind. He holds Vaidika by her arms. Sahil comes to mediate, and says this is a bad conduct on his part. Vaidika precludes Sahil to meddle. Sahil gives way. Vaidika says she is a good woman who has all privileges to take her choices. Her marriage couldn’t work yet marriage involves two individuals. A separation is an intense choice following seven years of marriage, particularly in their general public. Her mom and Mausi need her to wed a man like him in view of societal weight. She elucidates to her Mausi she wouldn’t like to wed, and rejects the proposition. Sahil applauds Vaidika.

Vaidika strolls outside the eatery while it rained intensely. She cries adjacent to a vehicle. Sahil accompanies an umbrella close by. Sahil says tears stream to get over the sharpness inside them. Vaidika asks who is he, and why he is dependably there to help. Sahil answers there is without a doubt something, might be an association from their previous existence. They share a drawn out eye lock. Sahil values Vaidika’s reasoning that she holds a total ideal to choose whom she should wed. She swings to leave. Sahil persuade her to take the umbrella along. Sahil was left asking her name. He asks why she generally contact his heart and his heart races a lot in the wake of gathering her.

An old Manjolika come there and discloses to Sahil she is his darling. It’s their next birth, as in the past one they couldn’t live respectively. Be that as it may, they have been reconnected, nobody can part them now. Sahil was curious.

Sahil’s mom sat with Pandit ji. She approaches about a date for Sahil’s wedding. The Pandit ji inquires as to whether the young lady is whom Sahil likes. He says Sahil’s introduction to the world outline says Sahil would wed his preferred young lady and just she would be his significant other. Sahil’s dad comes ground floor and clears up he has fixed Sahil’s marriage with his companion’s little girl, it’s his official conclusion. Pandit ji says he would leave his work if Sahil weds somebody other than his affection. The young lady is Sahil’s affection and even more established than him in age. He disappears. Sahil’s folks were left stressed.

Precap Upcoming Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Episode Update: Vaidika’s mom addresses her about marriage. Sahil’s dad declares he should wed their preferred young lady.


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