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Sahil’s mom, Rekha was stressed at home over whatever Pandit said. Her significant other discovers her strained and asks about the issue. She answers she was just reasoning about whatever Pandit said. He discloses to Rekha these Pandit make such expectations to get cash. She has seen Prem Pratab’s little girl is incredibly enlightened, they will be fortunate to get her as a girl law. Dheeraj and Mina, (Sahil’s fatherly uncle and auntie) get back home after Mina’s sister’s commitment. Rekha informs them regarding Avantika, Prem’s little girl. Mina says she will accept a gold chain as blessing now.

Sahil returns home all wet from downpour. Rekha was worried that he may get cold. She conveys a towel to clear the water off. Mina salutes Sahil. Sahil’s dad carefully guides him to get mindful now on. Sahil considers about Vaidika and says he isn’t prepared for this marriage.

Vaidika’s mom asks what she did today. Vaidika doesn’t make a trip and react. Her mom says Chetna found a man for her proposition, and Vaidika said a great deal to him. Vaidika says that man is a dad of two little girls, still he didn’t regard ladies. Chetna probably bolstered her as opposed to griping. She says she wouldn’t like to wed at all and can go through her time on earth isolated. Her mom gets some information about Avantika, her dad began a proposition with Shashi Kashab’s child for Avantika; shouldn’t something be said about that. Vaidika says she won’t be an obstacle in Avantika’s life. She doesn’t have to wed herself. She discloses to her mom to proceed to rest, she needs to get ready for presentation tomorrow. They will require tremendous measure of cash for Avantika’s wedding.

The following morning, Vaidika was occupied in her show. Rekha goes to the show with her companions. She was strained in light of the fact that Sahil wasn’t prepared for marriage. They land at Vaidika’s slow down. A woman comes there and slaps Vaidika, she was the sister of the man Vaidika had met yesterday. She affronts Vaidika as she was a rejected one. She advices Vaidika one must not go to purchase precious stones when you have no cash. Vaidika now questions if it’s just plain wrong to be a divorced person. The woman perceives Rekha and inquires as to whether she would wed her young child to this divorced person. Rekha says never, her child is youthful and can get one out of a million. The woman proceed with her affront. Sahil originates from the opposite side and says he will wed her. Everybody was stunned to hear this. Rekha was irate and inquires as to whether Sahil realizes she is a divorced person. Sahil says she wedded yet it couldn’t work, she took a separation; what’s the issue. It could be man’s error also, at that point why just point a lady. Did they attempt to know what the genuine issue was? Rather, they all approached accuse her. They should quit meddling in another person’s life, rather center around their own. Rekha’s companion asks what Sahil has to do with this young lady. Vaidika leaves. Rekha stops Sahil and says this young lady is a quick woman. Sahil was in an incredulity about his mom’s reasoning. He says young lady’s suicide simply because of societal weights, they should be given enough opportunity to pick their life accomplice.

A crying Vaidika hustles into the male washroom of the presentation lobby.

There, Rekha restricts Sahil to try and go near that unfortunate woman. He should just concentrate on Avantika. Avantika come there and welcomes Rekha. Rekha approaches Sahil to go for some espresso with Avantika. Sahil makes up his telephone is ringing. His mom stops him in any case. Sahil takes Avantika for espresso. Rekha was concerned if that Pandit’s future forecast turns out right, what face they will take into the general public.

In the café, Avantika inquires as to whether he met his adoration. She gets some information about the name. Sahil says he met one, he doesn’t know the name yet it feels he has a connection of ages. Avantika says he should trust, she is the one worth him. She endeavors to put her hand over Sahil’s, he opposes and the espresso overflow his garments. Sahil keeps running towards the washroom

Precap Upcoming Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Episode Update: Sahil enters the washroom and was stunned to see Vaidika in male washroom. Vaidika attempts to keep running outside yet slips. Sahil holds her into his arms. Afterward, Avantika’s mom persuade her for marriage while Sahil’


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