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Sahil factors towards his mom however his father insists on him to move. within the veranda, Sahil asks Avantika why she is over enthusiastic, it’s handiest their first meeting. Avantika asks if he in no way favored a lady in the beginning sight. Sahil changed into lost in Vaidika’s thought. Avantika asks if he didn’t like her. Sahil explains he doesn’t believe in set up marriages, and he isn’t serious about marriage as well. Avantika demanding situations he received’t locate anyone higher than her, she offers him 24 hours; else he should marry her. Sahil shakes hand with her, however changed into concerned how he can discover about that female.

Vaidika was inside the eating place along with her Mausi. An aged guy comes there. Mausi introduces her with the man Kashab. He clarifies he desires a mother for his two youngsters, and she is a divorcee. She should now not have a problem with the wedding. Vaidika indicates reservation to her Mausi. Kashab tells Vaidika he received’t go away her like her prior husband. Vaidika sincerely states she turned into unaware of this assembly and its reason, she will’t marry someone who already has two kids. Kashab was furious, and asks if some bachelor might ever marry her.

Any man would possibly leave her for her attitude. He holds Vaidika by her fingers. Sahil involves interfere, and says that is a misbehavior on his part. Vaidika forbids Sahil to interfere. Sahil offers manner. Vaidika says she is a first rate female who has all rights to take her selections. Her marriage couldn’t work however marriage is a matter of two human beings. A divorce is a tough selection after seven years of marriage, particularly of their society. Her mother and Mausi need her to marry a person like him because of societal pressure. She clarifies to her Mausi she doesn’t want to marry, and rejects the suggestion. Sahil claps for Vaidika.

Vaidika walks outside the restaurant whilst it rained closely. She cries beside a vehicle. Sahil comes with an umbrella in hand. Sahil says tears waft to get over the bitterness interior them. Vaidika asks who’s he, and why he is always there to help. Sahil replies there’s clearly something, may be a connection from their beyond lifestyles. They percentage a extended eye lock. Sahil appreciates Vaidika’s wondering that she holds a whole proper to decide whom she need to marry. She turns to depart. Sahil persuade her to take the umbrella alongside. Sahil become left asking her name. He wonders why she always touch his coronary heart and his coronary heart races tons after assembly her.

An vintage Manjolika come there and tells Sahil she is his lover. It’s their next start, as within the preceding one they couldn’t stay collectively. but they had been reconnected, nobody can part them now. Sahil turned into quizzical.

Sahil’s mother sat with Pandit ji. She asks about a date for Sahil’s wedding. The Pandit ji asks if the female is whom Sahil likes. He says Sahil’s beginning chart says Sahil could marry the female of his preference and simplest she could be his wife. Sahil’s father comes downstairs and clarifies he has fixed Sahil’s marriage together with his buddy’s daughter, it’s his final selection. Pandit ji says he would go away his paintings if Sahil marries a person other than his love. The girl is Sahil’s love and even older than him in age. he takes a go away. Sahil’s dad and mom had been left concerned.

Precap: Vaidika’s mother speaks to her about marriage. Sahil’s father proclaims he have to marry the woman in their preference.

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25 April 2019
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25th April 2019
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25 April
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25th April


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