Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vaidika watches the wonder with the aid of Sahil. Sahil says they got a guarantor for their bank loan. Vaidika hugs Sahil. Sahil says its Mr. Desai, he become an investor and promised to repay their debt. He turned into glad that their residence can by no means be sold. This house is extremely special, it has seen lots must most importantly their love story. Vaidika says thank you to Sahil. He kiss her brow, pronouncing he can do some thing for her smile. Vaidika indicates a family photograph of Sahil, Vaidika and Ved she got framed but forgot. She says this photo indicates she has the whole thing in life. Sahil says seeing that they may be satisfied and need to cross on a lunch now. He asks her to get geared up.

Downstairs, Prachi changed into tensed while she reads a few legal papers. Sahil comes downstairs and changed into taken aback at the attention. Prachi says his guarantor isn’t selecting up the call, he didn’t pay a unmarried penny; their house cannot be stored. Bari Amma loses her balance, tensed that she will now lose this house. Vaidika calms Sahil down, she attempts to give an explanation for to the attorney that there may be a misunderstanding. there has been a rumor that this house had ghosts and they suffered loss in their commercial enterprise. Mr. Desai signed the papers, and promised to pay their loans. The lawyer reads Mr. Desai’s papers and says the paper doesn’t preserve a governmental seal. They must evacuate the house within ten mins, else police will get it evacuated forcefully. Agarwal own family changed into bowled over. Orders for seal of house doors have been surpassed. Prachi attempts to argue they are able to’t be pushed out in their own residence. Vaidika calms Sahil down and says they can’t be given a defeat and could discover a solution soon. Sahil become determined to fight and win, and get his house lower back. Vaidika asks Nani to deliver the youngsters. anyone include their packed bags. Vaidika choices an idol from the temple corner. She tells Sahil they’re in hassle, nonetheless they have got an area to stay. Bari Amma cries, every body else was also tearful as they walk out of Agarwal house. Vaidika speaks to God, she holds entire religion over God that they will go back to this residence again.

Agarwals arrive at Vaidika’s old house. Prachi asks Bari Amma to sit. Bari Amma blames Vaidika to convey them on this chicken cage; she pressured to unveil the secret of 333. Nani tells her to close up, she herself is the purpose of Ghungru menace. She clarifies to Bari Amma she ought to in no way call their residence as bird cage. Sahil tells Bari Amma they must thank Vaidika. They should stay in this residence and try and accommodate. Nani boasts about their large heart and takes each person interior show their rooms. inner, Puneesh thinks there may be a bonus of staying in this house. Shruti will live in their room with Prachi. Deepak comes to jump over the bed with Puneesh. He says they’ll both live within the equal room. And a 3rd person may also live with them. Ved runs into their room with a whistle. Shruti smiles from the door as Deepak offers her a thumbs up. She became relieved that Deepak dealt with the state of affairs, else Puneesh would have persisted misbehaving together with her.
Sahil and Vaidika sat in a nook. Sahil says he finds a unusual peace in the residence, as he fall in love together with her inside the equal house.

Precap Upcoming Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se episode update: Sahil stuck Guddu with a few woman and beats him badly. At home, Vaidika asks Sahil why he changed into competitive. Sahil says he won’t spare Guddu if he attempts to cheat on Aarya. Guddu turned into determined injured, while Sahil become arrested as a suspect.


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