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Vaidika cries within the washroom that she will be able to’t do something on her will because she is a female. She wonders how lengthy a lady will continue to suffer inside the society. She comes to a decision no longer to be a weak woman, she desires to live for her very own-self sometime as well. she will’t live on directions of others. She wonders in which someone is like that man, he comes to fight for her and respects her. She wonders why he got here over in her lifestyles, and constantly reaches within the moments of trouble.

Sahil enters the male washroom and was bowled over to see Vaidika internal. He asks what she is doing in guys’s washroom. Vaidika feels uncomfortable and turns to depart, but slips over the water. Sahil holds her into his palms. They percentage a close eye lock. She asks him to leave her. Sahil says he can’t allow her fell down. He asks why she faces her again and again, if they are related someway. Vaidika backs up however her dupatta become stuck together with his watch. each look toward every different in shock. Vaidika now hurries to go away the washroom but it seemed locked. There, Sahil pulls the faucet but it got damaged. The bathe of water bathes both Sahil and Vaidika. Later, Sahil pulls open the door for Vaidika. before she should go away, Sahil says it feels they recognise every different from some beyond lifestyles. He met an vintage female, she said Vaidika was his lover in his beyond life, and they shared a peculiar love tale which couldn’t complete. He wonders why the girl said so, but he seems like believing her words. He feels to be falling in love together with her. He holds his heartbeat, and says he is sure that is love. He desire Vaidika believes him. a person calls from out of doors. Sahil asks Vaidika to think about what he said, and they will surely meet once more. Sahil opens the door to discover Rekha and other woman. Sahil explains first it turned into a W however then it turned to M. The girls didn’t agree with the tale. Rekha takes Sahil alongside.

Inside the car, Rekha became nevertheless tensed. She warns Sahil no longer to get worried in any affair, his suggestion has been fixed. Sahil says he already clarified he didn’t want to marry. Why pressure him. Rekha says she feels anxious, what if he falls prey to a stranger and brings her domestic. She asks Sahil to promise he gained’t ever meet that girl. She doesn’t need him to get into a entice of divorcee. Sahil says what’s the problem, divorcees are extremely realistic and he wants to live satisfied. Rekha was weepy that Sahil doesn’t care for her in any respect.

It was night time, Vaidika become at home and thinks about Sahil’s words. Her mom comes to her and says nothing could be high-quality if she remains silent. it’ll continue to occur, for the way lengthy she is going to bear scoffs of humans. She says she is a mother, it hurts whilst human beings factor towards her. They did the entirety for Vaidika due to the fact she is expensive to them. however society holds her as a lady left via her husband. it’s going to preserve to hurt all of them. They need to protect Vaidika from all this blame. Vaidika asks how an encaged man or woman can be satisfied. It changed into her destiny that her marriage couldn’t paintings. It ought to had been her awful luck, had she suffered all that harassment. Vaidika’s mother concurs, and convince her to marry someone. She requests Vaidika to agree, it’s about two youngsters only. Vaidika says she will be able to stay alone, however received’t connect a relation because of a person. Vaidika’s mother says God has made each person in couples; there should honestly be a person made for her. They prey Vaidika finds a companion. Vaidika claims it to be bookish. She doesn’t maintain any extra courage to work on any relation. She became satisfied for Avantika, Avantika observed an excellent residence and could stay happy.

At Kashab residence, Pandit ji counts the good time of wedding after two days. Rekha says she can do the arrangements, and want the marriage inside two days. Shashi tells Sahil he is now getting married, and wasn’t equipped to just accept any argument from Sahil.

Precap Upcoming Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Episode Update: Sahil gets a call from Avantika. Sahil cuts the call. Avantika feels offensive, but Vaidika says he is probably busy. Nani comes there, and cheerfully says Sahil can’t marry Avantika, he will marry Vaidika alternatively.


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