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Sahil comes home all moist from rain. Rekha was concerned that he might get cold. She brings a towel to wipe the water off. Mina congratulates Sahil. Sahil’s father strictly tells him to get responsible now on. Sahil thinks about Vaidika and says he isn’t geared up for this marriage.

Vaidika’s mom asks what she did nowadays. Vaidika doesn’t stop by way of and reply. Her mother says Chetna discovered a person for her thought, and Vaidika said lots to him. Vaidika says that man is a father of two daughters, nonetheless he didn’t respect ladies. Chetna need to have supported her in place of complaining. She says she doesn’t want to marry at all and might spend her existence all alone. Her mother asks what about Avantika, her father commenced an offer with Shashi Kashab’s son for Avantika; what about that. Vaidika says she gained’t be a hurdle in Avantika’s life. She doesn’t want to marry herself. She tells her mother to go and sleep, she has to put together for exhibition tomorrow. they will want big amount of cash for Avantika’s wedding ceremony.

Next morning, Vaidika become busy in her exhibition. Rekha comes to the exhibition along with her buddies. She was tensed due to the fact Sahil wasn’t geared up for marriage. they come at Vaidika’s stall. A lady comes there and slaps Vaidika, she become the sister of the person Vaidika had met the day gone by. She insults Vaidika as she changed into a rejected one. She advices Vaidika one need to now not move to buy diamonds if you have no money. Vaidika now questions if it’s a sin to be a divorcee. The girl acknowledges Rekha and asks if she might marry her young son to this divorcee. Rekha says in no way, her son is young and can get one in one million.

The female continue her insult. Sahil comes from the alternative facet and says he’ll marry her. everyone became greatly surprised to hear this. Rekha turned into furious and asks if Sahil is aware of she is a divorcee. Sahil says she married but it couldn’t work, she took a divorce; what’s the problem. it may be man’s mistake as well, then why simplest point a woman. Did they are trying to realize what the real hassle became? as a substitute, they all came over in charge her. They need to prevent interfering in someone else’s existence, alternatively consciousness on their personal. Rekha’s buddy asks what Sahil has to do with this female. Vaidika leaves. Rekha stops Sahil and says this lady is a wise woman. Sahil became in a disbelief about his mom’s thinking. He says lady’s suicide most effective because of societal pressures, they should be given enough freedom to select their existence companion.
A crying Vaidika hurries into the male washroom of the exhibition corridor.

There, Rekha forbids Sahil to even pass close to that unlucky woman. He must most effective recognition on Avantika. Avantika come there and greets Rekha. Rekha asks Sahil to head for a cup of coffee with Avantika. Sahil makes up his cellphone is ringing. His mom stops him besides. Sahil takes Avantika for espresso. Rekha become worried if that Pandit’s destiny prediction comes out proper, what face they may take into the society.

in the espresso shop, Avantika asks if he met his love. She asks about the name. Sahil says he met one, he doesn’t realize the call but it feels he has a relation of a while. Avantika says he need to consider, she is the one well worth him. She attempts to area her hand over Sahil’s, he resists and the coffee spills over his garments. Sahil runs towards the washroom

Precap: Sahil enters the washroom and became greatly surprised to peer Vaidika in male washroom. Vaidika tries to run outside but slips. Sahil holds her into his hands. Later, Avantika’s mother convince her for marriage while Sahil’

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26 April 2019
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26th April 2019
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26 April
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26th April


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