Aap Ke Aa Jaane 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nani complains to Bari Amma that Sahil left her daughter. Vaidika says she can’t go away her husband so easily. Bari Amma tells Vaidika that Sahil married Pankti, he signed the papers she had sent. Vaidika says no regulation can wreck their relation, they’re linked via heart and for a while. she will be able to have to prevent Sahil anyway.

Pankti asks Sahil to rethink his decision.

Pankti’s mom tells Puneesh that Sahil and Pankti have left for airport. Prachi says this gained’t appear, Vaidika has left to prevent Sahil. nothing stops them from loving every other. Puneesh makes a call.
Sahil and Pankti attain the airport. He comes out of the auto considering his beyond instances with Vaidika. There, Vaidika was inside the vehicle, following Vaidika. unexpectedly, Sahil hears someone call his call from at the back of. He stops by means of, Pankti however involves take him alongside.

Vaidika hurries the auto driver. a few goons with timber sticks try to prevent their vehicle. Vaidika hurries the car driving force, and understands these goons have to be despatched through Pankti’s mother. She asks the driving force to be fast. She looks behind and turns their car right into a dodging route. The goons take the identical route as properly.

At Agarwal house, Nani curses the community which didn’t connect Sahil. Prachi fakes that she can also now not join, then thinks she got the network jammed. at the least tonight, no one ought to be capable of contact Sahil. Bari Amma and Nani talk that most effective Vaidika can forestall Sahil, they desire Vaidika is able to meet Sahil.

The goons stop with the aid of Vaidika’s car. They have been shocked to peer Maya, not Vaidika inside the automobile. Maya rather asks them to help her take the automobile out of this direction. The goons go away. Maya was happy that she subsequently reached Vaidika and she or he left in her automobile. She desire Vaidika is capable of forestall Sahil.

Pankti receives a be-careful call from her mother.

Vaidika reached the airport. She tries to head inner but wasn’t allowed to go into without passport and price ticket. the security guard doesn’t let her inside and pulls her aside. Puneesh’s goon had reached the airport. Vaidika tries to cover herself however become included by using the goons. She moves to some other nook, observed through the goons. Sahil and Pankti have been inside the boarding method and continue to security take a look at in.

Vaidika is available in airport cleansing uniform and receives a way inside the airport. She comes going for walks interior and finds a younger man together with his bags sitting on the chair. She cries in relief but soon notices it was not Sahil and some other man.

Sahil and Pankti have been inside the plane. there has been an announcement of the preliminary commands. Vaidika confirms approximately the flight from a group of workers member. The group of workers member doesn’t allow Vaidika internal, and the flight takes off.

Precap: Vaidika comes right into a flight, looking for Sahil. The airhostess tells Vaidika that the flight she is looking for took off already. Vaidika turned into sitting in a nook at the airport, Sahil and Pankti comes from at the back of her.


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