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AKAJS 26 March Episode It turned into subsequent morning. Sahil helped Vaidika within the kitchen. Vaidika tries to take the knife from his hand. Sahil insists he needs to assist her, why she have to strain herself out. Vaidika thank you Sahil. Guddu comes with Rashan and offers any kind of assist. Vaidika says Aarya is extremely lucky. Vaidika tells Guddu about an coverage plan, he should purchase. Guddu assures to reflect onconsideration on it, then leaves. Sahil calls from in the back of for Guddu to deliver the drug treatments. He comes outdoor the house and unearths Guddu flirting with a woman in nook. He invited the girl at night time, and denies having any wife. Sahil wonders how Guddu can do this to Aarya. He grabs Guddu’s arm from in the back of and beats him for dishonest on Aarya. Guddu was clueless, Aarya had flown. Vaidika comes out of doors, so did everybody else. Sahil blames Guddu

that he changed into flirting with a girl, he invited the girl to his house as properly. Guddu says there is not anything like that, he became only telling an deal with to the lady. Sahil calls him name. Vaidika become geared up to listen to Guddu. Guddu complains Sahil never supported him, he loves Aarya and may’t reflect onconsideration on dishonest on him. The complete community is aware of he is married to Aarya. Sahil insists he had no misunderstanding. Guddu explains he became only telling the lady an address. Nani asks Sahil to recognize his son in regulation, this might defame Aarya as nicely. Vaidika takes Sahil internal. Guddu was concerned and explains to Nani he changed into only telling an address. Ghungru seems from in the back of a wall and says Agarwals might have forgotten his biggest enemy is a magician. He did the equal to Guddu who commenced flirting the woman, but he gained’t keep in mind anything. Sahil became unsuitable to have forgotten the powers of his largest enemy. Sahil and Vaidika will now be remote, and the own family have to spoil forever.
interior, Vaidika asks Sahil what the want to react so strongly. Nani involves Vaidika and complains about her in laws own family. Vaidika asks her to be cooperative for some time. Nani complains the water has finished even to scrub the utensils. Bari Amma involves argue that the water supply would be available the following day. Vaidika takes the women internal to solve their trouble. Sahil thinks he can’t permit Guddu cheat on Aarya.
Guddu opens the door of his room. The female forcefully enters his room and attempts to paste to Guddu. Guddu attempts to keep away from himself but he pulls him towards her on a couch. Sahil comes inside to observe this. The lady starts offevolved to cry without delay, and complains to Sahil that he forced her. Sahil apologizes the female from Guddu’s aspect. Afterwards, before Guddu could provide an explanation for some thing Sahil shuts Guddu internal. Ghungru can pay a massive quantity to the lady and tells her to depart the town. Ghungru thinks Sahil would now treat his son in regulation well.
Sahil beats Guddu in the room. Guddu says someone is attempting to create all this distances among themselves, he loves Aarya loads. Sahil preserve to conquer Guddu.
Ghungru comes to power supply and thinks he will now play his sport, and Sahil might be caught. Sahil goes to restore the mild, he comes downstairs and hears Guddu’s cry. Sahil comes upstairs to the room and become bowled over to peer Guddu with hurt in chest with a dagger. Guddu couldn’t speak and is going subconscious. Sahil pulls the dagger off his chest. Guddu loses in the front of Sahil. The police reach and discover Sahil with Guddu, dagger held in his hand.
Prachi overhears as Shruti and Deepak were folding sheets. Shruti says she in no way appreciated him till he changed into with Gauri, however he isn’t as terrible a person. She thank you Deepak for taking care of her and assisting her. Bari Amma calls Deepak. He leaves with the pile of bedding. Prachi thinks it’s exceptional of Shruti, first she become after Puneesh and now after Deepak.
PRECAP: Police fees Sahil of murdering Guddu. Nani says her husband killed her son in regulation. Vaidika was determined Sahil couldn’t accomplish that and runs to jail.


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