Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sahil was in the market close to Vaidika’s home searching for the old woman, Manjolika. He couldn’t discover about her. Vaidika was in a similar market. Sahil supposes he should locate the old woman, she addressed him about his past birth. He should get some answers concerning it. He can’t wed somebody he doesn’t love. There is without a doubt some association among him and the woman. Vaidika was shopping in a similar market with Avantika. She likewise feels Sahil was some place around. Avantika’s companion meets them and was amped up for Avantika’s wedding. Vaidika says they are additionally energized. Avantika dials Sahil’s number however he cuts the call. Sahil was meandering in the market and disregards Avantika’s call. Her companion prods it appears Avantika doesn’t control her life partner, he is overlooking her. Vaidika says he should be occupied. Avantika spots Sahil and goes searching for him, at that point attempts his number. She thinks about whether she truly spot Sahil, or simply expected it was him. Vaidika goes to her and notification Avantika was in an awful inclination. Avantika asks why he didn’t pick her call at that point, on the off chance that she accepted or envisioned him there. Vaidika guarantees Avantika that Sahil will wed her, it may set aside him some effort to comprehend her as it’s an organized marriage. Manjolika comes there moving around and says Sahil won’t wed her. He isn’t intended to be her, yet Vaidika. She comes to touch Vaidika and cases she is her little girl. Everybody was strained. Individuals pull Manjolika away. Avantika and her companion were as yet saved, Sahil left her in the bistro shop and now he isn’t getting any calls. Imagine a scenario where he has another illicit relationship. Vaidika recommends Avantika is shrewd, she should proceed to get some information about it. Avantika was stressed and says her folks fixed the proposition so joyfully, imagine a scenario in which he denies her proposition all together. She demands Vaidika to proceed to meet him. Vaidika consents to meet the person and asks Avantika where she will discover him. Avantika says he is going to play the match today. Sakshi (Avantika’s companion) asks Avantika for what good reason she is faking this, she cherishes Sorab. Avantika says Sorab can just give her affection, while Sahil has cash too. She will wed Sahil.

Sahil plays in full structure and makes various objectives. An individual says it appears he got somebody who changed his destiny even in the diversion. Sahil considers Vaidika and says intimate romance transforms one. Not just diversion, he will prevail in life too. Vaidika achieved the arena searching for Sahil Kashab with whom Avantika’s proposition has been fixed. Sahil’s group had won the match. Vaidika was stunned to perceive the star of the diversion, Sahil Kashab. Sahil strolls to Vaidika and says possibly he is sleeping, or it appears his fantasies wonderfully worked out. Vaidika inquires as to whether he is Sahil Kashab. Sahil perks up in energy. Vaidika says his proposition has been fixed with her sister Avantika. Sahil was in an incredulity that his proposition went into a similar house. Vaidika reprimands him that he is deceiving her sister. Sahil makes his group leave for festivity and comes outside to address Vaidika. Sahil discloses to Vaidika he neither knows her, nor her name; still he feels there is an association between them. Vaidika says her sister longs for going through a lifetime with him. Sahil says his folks chose this proposition, however he hasn’t concurred. Had he met her before, he wouldn’t have met another person. Vaidika says she doesn’t need to wed Sahil, she is more established than him and a divorced person; she needn’t make an association with anybody. Sahil inquires as to whether she wish he gets hitched. Vaidika gestures. He says it would be his marriage with Vaidika. Vaidika was currently irritated this isn’t a joke, didn’t he hear his mom’s perspectives about a divorced person. His folks won’t concur. Sahil says he would extortion his mom inwardly. Vaidika says she doesn’t have confidence in unexplainable adoration, she wouldn’t wed him at any expense. He should wed Avantika. Sahil holds Vaidika’s hand, he says unexplainable adoration is extremely learned; however he feels they have an association from past lives. She has all the earmarks of being a known.

Precap Upcoming Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Episode Update: Vaidika persuade Avantika not to wed Sahil. Sahil tells his mom he is enamored with somebody. His mom permits Sahil to get the young lady. Sahil proposes Vaidika for marriage.


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