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AKAJS 29 Mar episode starts with Vaidika and own family reach clinic where Sahil turned into admit. Vaidika changed into involved if police did this. Sahil says he did this via himself, he wanted to speak to her. He wanted to recognize if Guddu had an enmity, or is it a trap. Vaidika says she knows who did this. anybody stares Vaidika. Vaidika replies its Ghungru. Sahil right now realizes. Vaidika says Ghungru confessed this himself. She has no evidence, but they may take assist from police. firstly, she wants Sahil out of jail. she can’t see him this way. Sahil became in some deep idea.

Neelam tells Ghungru she is extremely pleased with him. Ghungru says Vaidika Agarwal could virtually now not sit silent. the following morning will bring a terrible omen for her, he might grasp her husband from her. They flip to peer Bari Amma pointing a gun towards them. She asks if

Ghungru wants to kill Sahil, he’s her pleasure and she can’t see him harm. She curses that Neelam spoilt the peace of her circle of relatives, now she will deal with them the manner they deserve. Vaidika attain there and tries to stop Bari Amma from the sort of step. Bari Amma says it’s because of this Ghungru that her Sahil has been accused of murder. Bari Amma pulls the trigger. Ghungru’s frame fell into the lake down the cliff. Neelam screams for Ghungru, and tells Bari Amma she killed her personal son to be able to protect Sahil. He become Shankar and Bimla’s illegitimate son, her own blood. He was taken far from the health center. Bari Amma now mourns and regrets killing her own son. She wonders why she couldn’t recognize him and hug him though he changed into so close to her. Vaidika tries to console Bari Amma, however Bari Amma holds Vaidika accountable for all this. She desired to recognize the name of the game of 333. Neelam asserts it’s a end result of her movements. She married a rich guy and became identified nicely, still she stole her husband, gave start to his toddler, then saved him as a servant; she killed him whilst he demanded his personal proper. This ought to have came about to her. Bari Amma blames that she continually held herself responsible that her son died because of her irresponsibility. Neelam stole her son, then filled her mind with such hatred that he become towards his own family. Neelam was happy that her revenge changed into entire today. Vaidika tells Neelam to at least feel terrible for the son he brought up all her life. Neelam says the sport changed into started out through Bari Amma, but it changed into completed with the aid of her and Shirtij (Ghungru’s name). Bari Amma holds a gun against Neelam. The police arrive to arrest Bari Amma for murder of Azaad Parinda, named Krish Asthav. Vaidika wonders how police reached right here. Bari Amma become handcuffed whilst Vaidika and Neelam have been taken for witness. Prithvi smirked and loved watching all the scene.

The buddies threw rotten egg and tomatoes into Vaidika’s residence. Nani comes outdoor with joint arms. The neighbors didn’t need Sahil Agarwal and Bimla Agarwal into their community, they’re murderer. Vaidika comes with Sahil. Deepak tells Shruti that it appears Sahil is out, Vaidika must have labored tough to get him out. Vaidika speaks to the pals that they have to stand with them at the hard time. Sahil has been released, and they may find out who killed Guddu. She misplaced her younger son in law, her Aarya is a widow. The friends declare Vaidika has been blinded in Sahil’s love. They themselves have visible Sahil kill Guddu. They were aggressive and tell them to leave their neighborhood. Sahil now claps and appreciates their educated masses. He says until there may be a evidence, a person isn’t a criminal. He makes it easier for them and punishes himself. Sahil says if anyone unearths a proof in opposition to him, he’ll himself go away this neighborhood, this metropolis, this society and the sector. He requests absolutely everyone to go away if they could’t aid their neighbor in horrific instances. The pals leave. Sahil takes Vaidika inner.

At domestic, Sahil felt uncomfortable. He cries and wonders how this can manifest. He hugs Vaidika and says Bari Amma’s son is like his brother; and he killed Aarya’s Guddu. Aarya is probably right here each time. How they’ll face her.

Precap Upcoming Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se episode update: Vaidika and Sahil locate their residence locked. Puneesh says there’s a woman who paid the loans and took over whole in their property. There, Aarya holds Sahil accountable for the dying of her husband.


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