Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 2nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

AKAJA 2 Apr episode Ved asks Nani why they were thrown out of the house. if they haven’t any house. Deepak says it’s not anything like this, they may soon have a house. He hugs Ved and appears toward Shruti. Vaidika and Sahil come there and find them stand outside. Deepak tells Sahil that bank sealed the house because it 50% shares belong to Agarwals. Ved become concerned. Nani curtly says a murderer will now guard them. He spoilt Aarya’s lifestyles, how will Sahil guard them. Prachi blames Sahil and Vaidika for his or her situation. Puneesh comes there and says there is a few Mrs. Asthana who paid the loan and took over the whole property. She invited them for a compromise. Nani hurries them to move for compromise. Deepak says they ought to get the bail of Bari Amma. Sahil sends Deepak for bail. Sahil says he doesn’t apprehend who Mrs. Asthanacan be. Puneesh sends all people to Agarwal house, he can set up for Bari Amma’s bail.
At Agarwal residence, Puneesh comes with Bari Amma after the bail. Ved hugs Bari Amma. Bari Amma couldn’t respond. Vaidika says we recognize why she did all this. Bari Amma says she wants to see who dared purchase her residence. all of them step interior. It changed into darkish all round. Deepak calls Mrs. Asthana and wonders if whoever it’s miles, is nervous. A spotlight fells over a girl draped in a bridal attire. She walks downstairs in the dark and welcomes all people in Asthana Mansion. all people changed into shocked to peer it was Aarya.
Aarya says to Vaidika she and her husband purchased this assets collectively. Doesn’t she want to meet Mr. Asthana? Vaidika turned into shocked even at the call, and says Aarya can’t do this. Aarya calls Mr. Asthana to return downstairs. Ghungru appears from upstairs in conjunction with Neelam.
Deepak wonders how this is possible.
Bari Amma turned into emotional and wonders if her son is alive. Neelam stops Bimla mid-way, and says she left him to die. She sent a search group to look for Ghungru, and God stored her son. Sahil grabs Ghungru’s collar and questions what a shaggy dog story that is. If he had again as a brother, he ought to have hugged him. however he intends to apply his daughter. Aarya holds Sahil’s hand inside the middle of air, then pushes Sahil returned with full force disgracefully. She forbids Sahil Agarwal to even touch her husband, and get in touch with her as his daughter. His Chota Packet has died. he is a murderer. Aarya warns Sahil that he has already killed her husband, but if Shirtij even gets a scratch she will be able to take his existence. Nani questions if she married this monster on the second one day of her husband’s death. If she has gone mad, Ghungru is the illegitimate son of Bari Amma. She has grew to become to be sister in regulation of her personal mother now. Prachi says she is precisely after her mom in marrying men. Vaidika forbids Prachi but Aarya immediately shouts at Vaidika. Aarya says she can cope with her very own troubles. She tells Prachi and all people else that is her house. that is no greater Agarwal residence, but Asthana house however Asthana Mansion. best Shirtij, and Aarya Asthana are the brand new proprietors. Ghungru says he forgot to take blessings from his mom in law; and smirks if he need to call her a mom in regulation or sister in law.
PRECAP: Vaidika plays Aarya’s aarti as she enters the new house. Aarya orders her to touch her toes now. Later, Shirtij involves Sahil to enhance her wedding mattress.


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