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Vaidika become in the same market. Sahil thinks he ought to find the vintage girl, she spoke to him about his preceding beginning. He should find out about it. He can’t marry a person he doesn’t love. there’s absolutely a few connection among him and the lady. Vaidika became buying inside the equal marketplace with Avantika. She additionally feels Sahil was somewhere round. Avantika’s friend meets them and turned into excited about Avantika’s wedding. Vaidika says they’re additionally excited. Avantika dials Sahil’s variety however he cuts the call. Sahil changed into wandering in the marketplace and ignores Avantika’s call. Her friend teases it appears Avantika doesn’t manage her fiancé, he is ignoring her. Vaidika says he need to be busy. Avantika spots Sahil and is going seeking out him, then attempts his quantity. She wonders if she absolutely spot Sahil, or just assumed it changed into him. Vaidika involves her and notices Avantika was in a bad temper. Avantika wonders why he didn’t select her call then, if she assumed or imagined him there. Vaidika assures Avantika that Sahil will marry her, it would take him a while to recognize her because it’s an organized marriage. Manjolika comes there dancing around and says Sahil won’t marry her. He isn’t supposed to be her, however Vaidika. She involves caress Vaidika and claims she is her daughter. anyone became tensed. people pull Manjolika away. Avantika and her pal had been nevertheless reserved, Sahil left her inside the café keep and now he isn’t selecting up any calls. What if he has another affair? Vaidika indicates Avantika is sensible, she must pass and ask him about it. Avantika became involved and says her parents fixed the suggestion so luckily, what if he denies her inspiration all together. She requests Vaidika to move and meet him as a substitute. Vaidika consents to meet the guy and asks Avantika in which she will be able to discover him. Avantika says he goes to play the in shape nowadays. Sakshi (Avantika’s friend) asks Avantika why she is faking all this, she loves Sorab. Avantika says Sorab can simplest provide her love, at the same time as Sahil has cash as properly. she can marry Sahil.

Sahil plays in complete form and makes some of dreams. A fellow says it seems he got a person who changed his fate even in the sport. Sahil thinks about Vaidika and says authentic love adjustments one’s lifestyles. not simplest game, he’ll succeed in existence as nicely. Vaidika reached the stadium seeking out Sahil Kashab with whom Avantika’s suggestion has been constant. Sahil’s team had gained the fit. Vaidika changed into bowled over to understand the famous person of the game, Sahil Kashab. Sahil walks to Vaidika and says both he’s asleep, or it appears his desires miraculously got here true. Vaidika asks if he is Sahil Kashab. Sahil cheers up in pleasure. Vaidika says his idea has been fixed together with her sister Avantika. Sahil changed into in a disbelief that his concept went into the equal house. Vaidika scolds him that he is betraying her sister. Sahil makes his group leave for birthday celebration and comes outdoor to talk to Vaidika. Sahil tells Vaidika he neither is aware of her, nor her name; nonetheless he feels there is a connection among them. Vaidika says her sister desires of spending a lifetime with him. Sahil says his parents decided on this thought, however he hasn’t agreed. Had he met her in advance, he wouldn’t have met a person else. Vaidika says she doesn’t must marry Sahil, she is older than him and a divorcee; she needn’t create a courting with all and sundry. Sahil asks if she wish he gets married. Vaidika nods. He says it’d be his marriage with Vaidika. Vaidika become now aggravated that this isn’t a funny story, didn’t he pay attention his mom’s views about a divorcee. His mother and father won’t agree. Sahil says he would black mail his mom emotionally. Vaidika says she doesn’t trust in love in the beginning sight, she wouldn’t marry him at any fee. He must marry Avantika. Sahil holds Vaidika’s hand, he says love in the beginning sight is really bookish; but he feels they’ve a connection from previous lives. She appears to be a recognized.

Precap Upcoming Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Episode Update: Vaidika persuade Avantika no longer to marry Sahil. Sahil tells his mom he is in love with a person. His mom lets in Sahil to get the woman. Sahil proposes Vaidika for marriage.


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