Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 30th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sahil returns domestic in tears. Rekha asks Sahil if he now believes Vaidika is the criminal. Avantika smirks that she had left Sahil with no option, he had to come again. She fakes her happiness. Rekha takes Sahil’s promise that he could marry Avantika, and takes him to the room to grow to be a groom.

Sahil receives geared up because the groom. He became all on my own, and watches Vaidika smile again at him.

Prem Pratab, his wife and Arju were tied to chairs with ropes and a bomb connected to them. They pay attention a voice from outside. Manjolika comes in a veil and enables them run to prevent Avantika and Sahil’s wedding. Sahil speaks to Tanuj on the video name and tells him to fulfil his promise now and unfastened Vaidika. Tanuj suggests Vaidika in the video name. Vaidika become able to free her palms and takes a scalpel to hit Tanuj with it. She badly injures Tanuj, claiming herself to be a stronger female.
Sahil and Avantika had been asked to get up for the marriage rounds. Avantika cheerfully stands up and takes Sahil’s hand to assist him rise up.

Vaidika positioned her foot over Tanuj’s chest, and claims his mother to be unfateful who gave beginning to him. she will now kill him, to get all of the ladies rid of a beast like him. She beats him badly, then throws kerosene over Tanuj. She says she was wrong that she didn’t take this step in advance.

the marriage rounds had begun. Avantika had taken a lead from Sahil inside the next round. Vaidika lighting a matchstick and throws it over Tanuj, burning him alive. She leaves the web page.

the wedding rounds were entire. It changed into now time for Sindoor and Mangal sooter ritual. Shashi’s hand moved weakly. Avantika fingers the mangal sooter into Sahil’s hand. Vaidika reaches the marriage and says this wedding ceremony can’t take region. She throws water into the fireplace, and deters to ship Pandit to jail. Sahil is a married guy already. She opens the Gathbandhan. She says Sahil is her existence, how may want to he agree to marry Avantika whilst being her husband. Sahil says he can sacrifice anything for her. They hug every other. Manjolika accompanied Vaidika into Kashab’s house. Rekha says Vaidika left the house on her own. Vaidika says she agreed most effective to shield Rekha from harming herself. Then someone reminded that their love prevails since a long time, their love isn’t as susceptible as to interrupt so effortlessly. Rekha orders Pandit ji to finish the wedding. Pandit ji takes a go away, as he can’t devote the sin or visit prison. Vaidika asserts nobody can component her Sahil from her. She confess loving a man more youthful than her. Love isn’t depending on age, and he or she needs to mention “i really like you, Sahil”. They hug every other.

Vaidika now turns to Avantika and warns her to live faraway from Sahil. Her husband belongs to her handiest. She now kiss Sahil’s brow.

PRECAP: Sahil decorates the residence for Vaidika.


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