Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 31st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sahil prepares as the husband to be. He was in solitude, and watches Vaidika grin back at him. Prem Pratab, his significant other and Arju had been attached to seats with ropes and a bomb appended to them. They hear a voice from outside. Manjolika arrives in a cloak and encourages them hurried to stop Avantika and Sahil’s wedding. Sahil addresses Tanuj on the video call and instructs him to satisfy his guarantee now and free Vaidika. Tanuj indicates Vaidika in the video call. Vaidika had the option to free her hands and takes a surgical tool to hit Tanuj with it. She gravely harms Tanuj, guaranteeing herself to be a more grounded lady.

Sahil and Avantika were approached to go to bat for the wedding rounds. Avantika brightly stands up and grasps Sahil’s hand to enable him to hold up.

Vaidika put her foot over Tanuj’s chest, and cases his mom to be unfateful who brought forth him. She will currently murder him, to get every one of the ladies free of a mammoth like him. She beats him gravely, at that point tosses lamp fuel over Tanuj. She says she was mixed up that she didn’t make this stride prior.

The wedding rounds had started. Avantika had taken a lead from Sahil in the following round. Vaidika lights a matchstick and tosses it over Tanuj, consuming him alive. She leaves the site.

The wedding rounds were finished. It was currently time for Sindoor and Mangal sooter custom. Shashi’s hand moved pitifully. Avantika hands the mangal sooter into Sahil’s hand. Vaidika achieves the wedding and says this wedding can’t happen. She tosses water into the flame, and dissuades to send Pandit to imprison. Sahil is a hitched man as of now. She opens the Gathbandhan. She says Sahil is her life, how might he consent to wed Avantika while being her significant other. Sahil says he can forfeit anything for her. They embrace one another. Manjolika pursued Vaidika into Kashab’s home. Rekha says Vaidika left the house alone. Vaidika says she concurred distinctly to shield Rekha from hurting herself. At that point somebody reminded that their adoration wins since ages, their affection isn’t as frail as to break so effectively. Rekha orders Pandit ji to finish the wedding. Pandit ji withdraws, as he can’t submit the transgression or go to imprison. Vaidika affirms nobody can part her Sahil from her. She admit adoring a person more youthful than her. Love isn’t subject to age, and she needs to state “I cherish you, Sahil”. They embrace one another.

Vaidika now goes to Avantika and cautions her to avoid Sahil. Her better half has a place with her as it were. She presently kiss Sahil’s temple.

PRECAP: Sahil beautifies the house for Vaidika.


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