Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

AKAJS 3 Apr episode Aarya says that is now Asthana Mansion and only Shirtij and Aarya Asthana are the new owner of this residence. Nani says this Shirtij is unlawful son of Bari Amma and she became to be the sister in regulation of her mom. Vaidika tells Aarya that she is on the wrong, why she doesn’t trust her mom and believe the actual assassin of her Guddu. She is her mom and might’t permit her pick out the incorrect direction; she will be able to nonetheless go away this betrayer. It’s still not late, she have to eliminate this mangal sooter. Aarya holds Vaidika’s hand and warns her to mention a single phrase against her husband. Like Vaidika, she holds her husband extremely dear. And Shirtij is the elder son of this residence, and she is the elder daughter in law of the house; implying she is Vaidika Agarwal’s elder sister in regulation (Jaithani). received’t she welcome her Jaithani now with the aarti thaal, and historically, she and her husband need to bend and contact her ft as well. Vaidika became stunned to hear her call for. Puneesh enjoys the drama. Sahil persuade Aarya that she is irritated with him its first-rate, but Vaidika loves her what’s the hassle with her, why consider Ghungru and not Vaidika. Aarya forbids Sahil Agarwal give her any undesired lecture. Her mother has already died, and he or she left her father in her early life; Sahil is the ex-proprietor of this house and he or she and Vaidika at the moment are sisters in regulation best. She wasn’t even prepared to pay attention to Nani and asks Vaidika to touch her ft; she will do it the following day and will quickly get used to it. Vaidika loses her stability, Sahil holds her. Neelam now intervenes that it’s a way of life in Asthana circle of relatives that the young ones touch ft of elders. She takes Aarya and Shirtij out of doors the door and asks Vaidika to welcome Aarya. Vaidika thinks she must do all this unwillingly. Sahil thinks he should store Aarya from this Shirtij, he can’t let Aarya get harm anyway. Vaidika speaks to Shirtij she knows he has managed her daughter, else she couldn’t ever hate her. She actions Aarya’s shoulder and requests her to mention that is a lie, and that she hasn’t married this guy. Aarya right now comes to awareness, notices her dress and asks Vaidika what this all is. She turned into tensed and asks Vaidika what this all is. Vaidika receives lower back from her daydream, Aarya stood confronting her and asks why her fingers still tremble. Sahil holds Vaidika’s hand as they carry out the aarti of Aarya and Shirtij. Vaidika turns to depart after the tillak but Aarya asks them to the touch their feet. Vaidika and Sahil were 1/2 bent whilst Aarya push the pot filled with rice over. She thinks this is the start. She swears the Guddu’s blood, she can flip their hell. Aarya says it’s extremely vital to appreciate the elders on this house, else they are able to all leave. Shirtij takes Aarya’s hand and heads inner.
Bari Amma stops Shirtij and requests to hug her, his Mausi intrigued him in opposition to her else she continually remembered him. Vaidika cried for her daughter Aarya. Sahil hugs and consoles Vaidika that the whole thing will be exceptional.
in the room, Puneesh became relieved that he can now stay in his very own house. Prachi wonders wherein this new brother came from. Puneesh says that is all because of her Bari Amma, she seems to be a colourful persona in her youth; and Prachi constantly doubts his individual. Prachi warns him not to get any chance with Shruti or Aarya nonetheless. Puneesh says he has no time, as he’s busy planning destiny. Shirtij holds enmity with Sahil and Vaidika, and Puneesh Tiwari gets the victory. he’ll ignite the fire, and look ahead to the results.
PRECAP: Sahil and Vaidika have been out within the lawn. Shirtij involves them and says he’s going to in no way go away their lifestyles, this night may be the most important as he will spend it with Aarya.


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