Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sahil sings ‘Aaj Tera Jagrata Mata’. Sahil finds a workstation at Guddu’s place. He finds an account of video call of Guddu and Aarya, Guddu revealed to Aarya that Sahil cautioned to execute him. Sahil thinks just before this video he had cautioned Guddu, yet then the lights went off. Sahil finds another video and was stunned. He drives back home and thinks viewing the video, every one of the errors will be clear. Aarya will currently leave Shirtij and come back to him.

Outside Agarwal house, Sahil cautions Shirtij that it’s currently time he should go out. Shirtij punches his face, at that point beats his own face at the divider shaft yelling as though Sahil is executing him. Sahil really comes to punch Shirtij. Bari Amma and Aarya come to take Sahil off Shirtij. Shirtij questions on the off chance that he needs Aarya to be a widow once more. Sahil says if Aarya ever thought about him Papa, she should trust he is honest. Shirtij murdered Guddu. He has a proof. Shirtij was presently alert. Sahil brings the PC. The video indicates murder of Guddu yet faces were obscured, unfocussed. Plainly Shirtij had assaulted Guddu however. Vaidika inquires as to whether she presently trusts Sahil is honest. Aarya claims what an amusement they have played. In the event that Sahil was distraught that her significant other passed on, he needs to kill her second spouse too. He couldn’t care less regardless of whether her marriage is broken. Guardians are prepared to take a kid’s wrongdoing over themselves; yet here he changed her Guddu’s chronicle also. Vaidika claims it an allegation. Aarya contends even the face isn’t noticeable. Aarya requests that he bring such a video in which Shirtij’s video is clear. Vaidika inquires as to why her folks would lie. On the off chance that she has been blinded by this man. In the event that he has given her some medication, that she is getting out of hand. Aarya pushes Vaidika back and says she has just demonstrated her cutoff points. She breaks the PC by discarding it. She says she will most likely vengeance Sahil, and loses her parity. Shirtij holds Aarya, while Sahil pulls Vaidika back. Shirtij grins successfully. Shirtij takes Aarya inside. Aarya shouts she will vindicate them for her significant other.

Sahil was in his bed, still frequented by Aarya’s words and conduct. Vaidika comes to him and wrap the wound on his hand. She says Sahil made an endeavor, Aarya wouldn’t like to see reality however it’s not his concern. Sahil says he needs to pull him of that Shirtij’s control. Vaidika says she can’t let Aarya get out of hand with him. Sahil says Aarya isn’t just similar to his little girl, she is his little girl.

Nani conveys Bari Amma to a corner and interests her for being quiet before her children now. Bari Amma faults Vaidika and Aarya for the encounter between both her children. At first Vaidika wedded Sahil, and now that Aarya wedded Shirtij and turned into the senior little girl in law of this family. She reviles both Vaidika and Aarya, they have burglarized their group of their tranquility. Nani guarantees its everything in view of Bari’s character, and still she is accusing Vaidika. Bari Amma advises her to deal with her little girl and granddaughter, she won’t extra them.

PRECAP: Aarya orders Sahil Agarwal will fill in as a hireling. Afterward, Vaidika addresses Aarya why she is doing as such. Aarya conditions she will save Sahil just if Vaidika divorces him.


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