Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Aarya and Shirtij flip their faces as they listen a crowd chanting “Jai Mata Di” downstairs. Sahil and Vaidika stood downstairs for the pooja while Aarya and Shirtij come downstairs. Vaidika says they kept a ‘Jagrata (night Awakening Prayers)’ at home, no person will sleep within the residence. loads occurred within the house, now Mata ji will show them the right path and produce peace inside the residence. no one ought to go away this area and move of their rooms all night time lengthy. She is certain no person can deny for Devi Maa’s pooja. all of them look closely at Shirtij and Aarya. Shirtij thinks he can flip his game round via the magic, but he’s going to rate them emotionally; it’ll carry him more peace. Aarya turns to go away. Vaidika calls her as Jaithani Ji! She is the eldest daughter in law of the house, how can this Pooja

take place without her. She ought to sit on this pooja, for her in legal guidelines and her marriage; in the end she married on her own will. The Pandit says Pooja is a great omen in fingers of a new daughter in regulation. Aarya takes the thaal.
Sahil and Deepak take their positions with the singing band. Vaidika stands besides Shirtij and claims her husband is her strength and she or he can confront all people and some thing; Shirtij is nothing for her. Shirtij replies Jay Mata Di. Sahil takes the Mike, and sings ‘Bigri Bana De kaam’. Shruti felt sleepy, Puneesh forcefully harass her. Prachi comes to warn Shruti once more and takes her to take a seat in the hall. Shirtij speaks to Aarya that it seems its Vaidika Agarwal’s making plans, she created this emotional drama for her to soften down. She wants to prove that she is her sister in regulation, however nevertheless everybody listens to her. He says he stands along with her, and goes to get a tumbler of water for her.
Sahil comes to Vaidika who seemed disappointed. Vaidika says he covered Aarya this night, however what about… Sahil says tonight they will prove Shirtij killed Guddu. Aarya isn’t brainless, she is most effective innocent. They ought to carry her on the right direction, however with love simplest. Vaidika says today she has fallen vulnerable, and Sahil has became to be her strength. Sahil says Aarya is his responsibility, he’s most effective pleasant that. Vaidika changed into fortuitously to be blessed with Sahil as her kids’s father.
Deepak now took the mike for the next singing for Mata Rani. Aarya takes the mike from Deepak and chants slogans of Mata Rani. Shirtij smirks looking forward to the propaganda. Aarya speaks irrespective of how a mom is, she shouldn’t be like Vaidika. Vaidika is a murderer, a killer. Nani tries to prevent her, however Aarya silences her. She chants slogans of Vaidika as a murderer Maa, she killed her husband. She says Vaidika will must repent for what she has finished, she will be able to see how she will revenge her and her young husband. she will be able to surely revenge them. they’ll keep with their Jagrata.
Vaidika stands with the mike and sings ‘Aaj tera Jagrata mata’.
Sahil comes to a darkish room in which Guddu were murdered. He looks round for a evidence that Guddu turned into killed via Shirtij. He looks at the study desk and reveals a diary but there has been not anything in it. He then reveals a laptop and powers it on, looking forward to to find something. He changed into bowled over to discover the evidence inside.
PRECAP: Sahil drives returned domestic and was determined not anything incorrect can show up to Aarya.


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