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Vaidika tells Sahil she will be able to’t allow Aarya misbehave with her father. Sahil says Aarya is like her daughter, at least she is talking to him. He forbids Vaidika to take any strain and shuts the lighting off for them to sleep. He turns to depart the mattress, but Vaidika holds his hand. He lays except; both staring into each other’s eyes. Vaidika says Sahil might in no way understand how lots she loves him and calls herself extremely lucky. She then rests her head over his shoulder.
the next morning, Vaidika leaves the temple nook. Aarya comes from behind, does the Aarti and turns around to face a crying Vaidika. Vaidika stops her and asks why she is doing all this. Her hatred has blinded her, she can’t see the reality. Aarya says she prayed for her husband and mother in law’s lengthy lifestyles.
Vaidika requests Aarya to calm herself down, she need to suppose as a practical female Aarya if she honestly believes Sahil can do so. She believed a stranger, and no longer her Mama and Papa. Aarya clarifies Sahil isn’t her father, he’s most effective her husband. For her, he is best a crook. she will be able to punish him each day. he will go through every day so much that it will become insufferable. Vaidika replies she gained’t let her insult her husband. Aarya questions what Vaidika can do for her younger husband. She should pay a price if she desires her to forgive Sahil Agarwal; and must go away Sahil Agarwal. She need to let him recognize it’s a fruit to his actions; she need to hate him and make him realise how it feels while one loses one’s love. She forbids Vaidika to share it with everybody within the own family, even Sahil. Vaidika became silent. Aarya insults that she is a lot in love together with her younger husband, so flirtatious and used to his romance that she will’t think of leaving him. Vaidika turned into about to slap her, but Sahil stops her hand and says daughters are never scolded or misbehaved with.
Prachi watches all the dust and dirt inside the hall. She wonders who did this. Nani tells her to name the servant and get it wiped clean. Aarya comes downstairs with Shirtij and Neelam. She says there may be no servant inside the residence anymore. She sent them all domestic, as it’s her residence. She has allow them to live here; isn’t that enough? They shouldn’t forget they now stay at her alms. Shruti has the same opinion to do the cleaning, they did it in the usa themselves. Aarya says no longer all of them. Sahil Agarwal will do the cleansing. Sahil got here home and appears around. Aarya says he got here on the right time. He claimed he become geared up to do anything to win his daughter’s love, she wants to see what he could do for her love. Sahil says he can do something for her. Aarya says he will be the servant of the residence from today. Nani asks if Aarya has gone insane, however Sahil intervenes and sends all and sundry inside. He tells Aarya he can do anything for her.
He brings the broomstick and does the cleansing. Vaidika simply got here in and finds him doing the cleaning. Sahil claims it to be the artwork of cleaning. Vaidika takes the broomstick. Sahil asks if she isn’t confident of his house keeping capabilities. Aarya wants him to do the cleaning. Vaidika involves Aarya and questions if she could try this to her father. Aarya claims he’s a murderer, and a brand new servant of the house. Sahil takes Vaidika aside, he persuade they’re her parents and needs to address her. She has seen lots in an insignificant twenty one years of age, they could’t permit her move distant from them. He says it’s not Aarya, its Shirtij getting all this finished. Aarya says wow, its outstanding romance; but its better if Sahil cognizance on the cleansing.
Bari Amma comes to talk to Shirtij in the room. Shirtij changed into irritated and didn’t want to talk. Neelam blames that Bimla by no means thought about her own son for years. Bari Amma says it’s no longer true, she is aware of how she lived with out him all this time. She requests Shirtij no longer to punish Sahil for all the proceedings he has for her, she will deliver him whatever he wish for. anything went incorrect is due to that Vaidika. And this Aarya is loopy, who forgot what Sahil and Vaidika did to her. Neelam tells Bari Amma to give up her emotional drama, how will she do what she simply promised ‘they are able to get some thing they want for’?
PRECAP: Aarya forbids Sahil be a part of the own family for dinner, and says he will consume in which servants continually did.


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