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Vaidika discloses to Sahil she can’t let Aarya get rowdy with her dad. Sahil says Aarya resembles her girl, in any event she is conversing with him. He restricts Vaidika to take any pressure and stop the lights for them to rest. He swings to leave the bed, yet Vaidika holds his hand. He lays other than; both gazing into one another’s eyes. Vaidika says Sahil could never realize the amount she adores him and calls herself amazingly fortunate. She at that point rests her head behind him.

The following morning, Vaidika leaves the sanctuary corner. Aarya digs out from a deficit, does the Aarti and pivots to confront a crying Vaidika. Vaidika stops her and inquires as to why she is doing this. Her scorn has blinded her, she can’t see reality. Aarya says she petitioned God for her significant other and relative long life.

Vaidika demands Aarya to quiet herself down, she should think as a reasonable young lady Aarya in the event that she truly trusts Sahil can do as such. She trusted an outsider, and not her Mama and Papa. Aarya illuminates Sahil isn’t her dad, he is just her significant other. For her, he is just a criminal. She will rebuff him every day. He will endure every day so much that it will wind up excruciating. Vaidika answers she won’t let her affront her significant other. Aarya questions what Vaidika can accomplish for her young spouse. She should pay an expense on the off chance that she needs her to excuse Sahil Agarwal; and must leave Sahil Agarwal. She should give him a chance to understand it’s an organic product to his activities; she should loathe him and influence him to acknowledge how it feels when one loses one’s affection. She restricts Vaidika to impart it to anybody in the family, even Sahil. Vaidika was quiet. Aarya affronts that she is such a great amount in adoration with her young spouse, so coquettish and used to his sentiment that she can’t consider abandoning him. Vaidika was going to slap her, yet Sahil stops her hand and says little girls are never reprimanded or gotten into mischief with.

Prachi observes all the residue and foulness in the lobby. She ponders who did this. Nani advises her to call the worker and get it cleaned. Aarya comes down the stairs with Shirtij and Neelam. She says there is no worker in the house any longer. She sent them all home, as it’s her home. She has given them a chance to remain here; isn’t that enough? They shouldn’t overlook they presently live at her offerings. Shruti consents to do the cleaning, they did it in America themselves. Aarya says not them all. Sahil Agarwal will do the cleaning. Sahil returned home and glances around. Aarya says he came at the correct time. He asserted he was prepared to successfully win his little girl’s affection, she needs to perceive what he would accomplish for her adoration. Sahil says he can do anything for her. Aarya says he would be the worker of the house from today. Nani inquires as to whether Aarya has gone crazy, yet Sahil mediates and sends everybody inside. He reveals to Aarya he can do anything for her.

He brings the broomstick and does the cleaning. Vaidika just came in and discovers him doing the cleaning. Sahil claims it to be the specialty of cleaning. Vaidika takes the broomstick. Sahil inquires as to whether she isn’t sure of his home keeping capacities. Aarya needs him to do the cleaning. Vaidika comes to Aarya and questions on the off chance that she would do this to her dad. Aarya claims he is a killer, and another worker of the house. Sahil takes Vaidika aside, he persuade they are her folks and requirements to manage her. She has seen a ton in a negligible twenty one years old, they can’t release her inaccessible from them. He says it’s not Aarya, its Shirtij completing this. Aarya says goodness, its incredible sentiment; yet its better if Sahil center around the cleaning.

Bari Amma comes to address Shirtij in the room. Shirtij was irritated and would not like to talk. Neelam accuses that Bimla never contemplated her own child for quite a long time. Bari Amma says it’s not valid, she knows how she lived without him this time. She demands Shirtij not to rebuff Sahil for every one of the grumblings he has for her, she will give him anything he wish for. Whatever turned out badly is a direct result of that Vaidika. What’s more, this Aarya is insane, who overlooked what Sahil and Vaidika did to her. Neelam advises Bari Amma to end her enthusiastic show, by what method will she do what she just guaranteed ‘They can get whatever they wish for’?

Precap Upcoming Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Episode Update: Aarya denies Sahil join the family for supper, and says he will eat where workers dependably did.


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