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Prachi peeks through the window as Vaidika holds Pankti’s diary lying in front of her. She thinks this isn’t mere a diary, it’s an ignited flame that she threw into the burning difficulty among her and Sahil.
inside the room, Pankti was searching out her diary. Vaidika comes analyzing the script. It reads, ‘I haven’t seen a guy as clear hearted as Sahil is, i am glad that Sahil got here into my existence; he helped me restore my religion over love. these days I want to advantage one of these love in which i will wholeheartedly and solely be his. Now i am ready to marry Sahil.’ Pankti asks Vaidika in which she got this diary, and he or she only wrote till believe in love all over again. Vaidika questions how long Pankti will continue to lie. How can she be so cheap and think about all this? She claims that is Pankti’s recreation to impress

Sahil and he or she is even triumphing. Pankti requests Vaidika to believe her, she didn’t write all this. If Vaidika comes in the lure it will likely be a bonus to her enemies. Vaidika wasn’t equipped to trust. Pankti asks her to think about Sahil; he’s heartbroken. still who does this, but it seems Sahil’s goodwill has become his enemy. He didn’t permit her to leave, however, didn’t stop his attempts to regain Vaidika’s love. She requests Vaidika now not to check his persistence to such an extent that he stops those attempts. She could have forgiven him long ago. She doesn’t stand among them, she doesn’t even love him, however, she will be able to see him suffer. She doesn’t need to break a residence to establish her marriage with Sahil. they may be ladies and want to recognize each different. Vaidika says Pankti is proper. She wants to trust in the entirety Pankti says. however, for once, Pankti has to stand at her area, as a wife whose husband receives drunk and considers every other woman as his spouse. He might have carried out the whole lot which a spouse is rightful of. Wouldn’t this have ridden her of her accept as true with? She loves Sahil entire heartedly, she is trying hard to trust him over again. She asks Pankti to examine this diary yet again, and apprehend what she feels for Sahil. If she wants Sahil then what all this script approach. Pankti explains she hasn’t written any of this, she can’t even consider all this. After Vaidika has left, Pankti wonders who can write such vulgar things in her diary.

Next morning, Nani scolds the Gaurav, marriage bureau man, for bringing every other notion. Pankti comes there. Gaurav tells Pankti there’s a man whose profile matches Pankti and he’s even ready to marry her. Nani now brings Gaurav inner and gathers Vaidika and Bari Amma as well. Pankti needs to satisfy that guy. Gaurav proposes Pankti. Sahil comes there. Nani was excited. Sahil inquires what Gaurav likes about Pankti that he turned into immediately prepared to marry her. Gaurav replies he met Pankti a few days ago, and the day went by he turned into impressed via her brevity. Prachi thinks About telling Puneesh about this hurdle of their way. Gaurav introduces himself as the proprietor of marriage bureau and is the handiest son of his mother and father, he lives with his parents and understands approximately Pankti’s father as properly. Sahil thinks he appears too perfect to be actual. Pankti became ready to continue the matter with Gaurav. He says he’s going to deliver his mother and father quickly. Pankti explains to Vaidika she doesn’t want Sahil, however, his alike.

Precap:- Sahil overhears Gaurav speak to some other girl on a smartphone. He drags him inner via the collar. Vaidika says maybe Sahil had a false impression, he questions if Vaidika doesn’t trust him anymore.

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