Aap Ke Aa Jane Se 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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In the car, Sahil discusses with Vaidika that they have got again proven their love is eternal and unbreakable. Vaidika tells Sahil she becomes afraid, and she or he wasn’t as glad for him as she is nowadays. She thanks Sahil. Sahil indicators Vaidika to enjoy the wind outside. Vaidika flies her hand within the air whilst feeling the breeze over her face. She then hugs Sahil.

At Agarwal residence, Prachi and Bari Amma were operating in the kitchen. Prachi was misplaced and didn’t notice the boiling milk. Nani comes to turn the range off. everybody become involved, Prachi claims it’s a bad omen. Nani discusses she is tensed for Sahil and Vaidika. Bari Amma calls Sahil and sounded worried. She asks them to go back home, there are bizarre happenings inside the house. Sahil assures Bari Amma that this is all insensible, and he is riding right now. Vaidika tells Sahil to return if their elders are a lot concerned; they can plan an experience later. Sahil says he has prepared a lot for her already, she has to support her husband. Sahil rests back on the road and swings his arm outside; Vaidika turned into concerned.

the auto stops at the resort. They move inner, hand in hand. Vaidika turned into blindfolded when Sahil brings her to a big lunch putting. She jumps in excitement and confirms if he has done all this? Sahil receives themselves seated and says that is Sahil special lunch. handiest they may be right here. He offers her for a dance. They dance and preserve every other in a decent long hug. Sahil says thank you Vaidika ji, for loving him and accepting their relation. He says I really like you so much. Vaidika says she must be thankful to Sahil rather for all his love. They now sit down for the lunch and takes selfies close to their car. there has been news of a fireplace in the mental sanatorium. Sahil turns off the news, as he doesn’t want any interruption. Vaidika gives to live within the close by inn however Sahil says he has some other surprise deliberate for her and that spot is two hours’ power. He desires to spend as lots of time with her and needs her complete interest. Vaidika wishes they stay saved from the evil eye. Sahil assures Vaidika that everything may be first-rate.

Bari Amma become tensed as she Pandit ji had warned her towards the tide of difficult instances. She dials Sahil or Vaidika’s cellphone but can’t join. Later, A Pandit ji sat at Agarwal house. Bari Amma tells Nani that she became frightened and invited him. Pandit ji opens his eyes and experiences the issues over their circle of relatives.

Sahil asks Vaidika to get prepared for his 2nd wonder. A woman comes jogging in the direction of their vehicle from the front. Sahil attempts to save the lady who became hit by the car, the control turned into the car become lost and it hits immediately into a tree.

Pandit ji says there’s someone from the past who can most effective keep Sahil. simplest an elderly companion of Sahil can protect him. He has read their delivery chart that whenever they’re together, there are tensions in the house. Their cohesion will continually purpose hassle for each of them, and they’ll continually need to sacrifice. this is shadows from the beyond and if remain uncounted, a close relative as an enemy may attack and its first prey will be Sahil.

There, Vaidika was aware however Sahil’s head bleeds badly and he lay unconscious.

The written episode of 1 March 2019 Aap Ke Aa Jane Se episode update online story ends.

Precap: Upcoming Aap Ke Aa Jane Se episode update Vaidika comes out of the car and attempt to wake Sahil up. there is a person in darkish garments, equipped to avenge Agarwals.


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