Aap Ke Aa Jane Se 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Vaidika watch Sahil and Pankti in a hug. Pankti asks Sahil now not to go away her ever. Pankti replies she doesn’t need to worry, he’ll always be there for her. Vaidika leaves the room. Later, Sahil blesses Pankti to live a satisfied married life along with her husband. After Sahil has left, Pankti silently wish she gets Sahil in anybody of her lifestyles.
Gaurav comes with the Baraat. Sahil notices Prachi greet a pal of Puneesh and goes aside with him. He tells Prachi that Gaurav is indebted to him and took a big mortgage to settle his business. this will create a issues for him. After the pal had left, Prachi thinks now Sahil will definitely take a step to ignite the variations between Sahil and Vaidika. Sahil calls his attorney to call a assets after Pankti.

In the wedding ceremony corridor, Sahil overhears some guys speaking towards Pankti’s person. He notices Pankti changed into being uncomfortable through the men dancing round her. He goes to slap a younger man who was Gaurav’s pal. Gaurav became offensive and questions Sahil who is he to interfere and defend his spouse. Bari Amma diffuses the matter. Gaurav comes to sit at the Mandap. He reveals a assets document there. Gaurav comes downstairs right away and calls Sahil thinking why he named a belongings really worth ten crore after Pankti and his name. Sahil says it changed into a property piece of ten lac, he’s sure.

Puneesh smirks that this can now be a laugh.

Sahil tries to clarify his position that there ought to be a mistake by way of legal professional. He simplest supplied this present because he heard Gaurav has some monetary troubles. quickly, Pankti receives a message about joint account of Sahil and Pankti. Sahil grabs his collar however Vaidika tells Sahil to prevent all this.

Pankti now defends Sahil’s individual and his issue for her as a pal. Prachi interferes and tells her to forestall being Sahil’s

Gaurav denies marrying a lady who might nevertheless guard a pal. Sahil replies he doesn’t deserve Pankti. The Baraat is left.

Sahil tries to provide an explanation for his role to Vaidika but she wasn’t geared up to listen. She says Sahil doesn’t take care of her feelings in any respect. She asked him to permit Pankti get married to Gaurav but now she understands Sahil’s intentions. Sahil explains to Vaidika that Gaurav is extraordinarily slender minded, they are able to’t permit Pankti marry him. He turned into only seeking to gift him assets to resolve a number of his economic problems. Doesn’t she agree with him? Vaidika says there may be a distinction between trusting your accomplice and rendering a blind eye to all his movements. she can now agree with best what she sees, and here she assumes Gaurav become right. Sahil doesn’t need Pankti to marry all of us as he desires her to live with him. She says it seems he isn’t the Sahil she once cherished. Sahil was greatly surprised.

Precap:- Pankti tells Vaidika she will marry Sahil if Vaidika doesn’t attain in time and rejects Sahil. Vaidika changed into trapped with the aid of Puneesh who kidnapped her youngsters.


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