Aap Ke Aa Jane Se 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vaidika requests the airport authorities that it’s vital to forestall the flight. The police inspector says she has breached the safety of airport and ought to come alongside them. Vaidika explains that her husband is there on the flight, he is leaving for the united states because of a minor false impression. She requests them to allow her pass, else her lifestyles is probably destroyed. The woman security advocates that they must let Vaidika cross and accompany her.

inside the aeroplane, the air hostess tells Vaidika that there is none named Sahil in this flight. there has been some other flight that took off ten mins ago. Vaidika returns heartbroken. Her reminiscences with Sahil flash in her mind. Sahil and Pankti walked out. Sahil becomes taken aback to peer Vaidika sitting in a corner and crying badly. each Vaidika and Sahil turn to every different. Sahil runs tough to offer a swirling hug to Vaidika. Pankti smiles watching them. Sahil tells Vaidika that the whole lot became a drama, that allows you to betray Pankti’s mother. He was afraid that she should have harm Vaidika and their kids. He simplest wanted to shop Vaidika and child’s life. They talked to the doctor, Vaidika’s condition becomes strong. Pankti explains that her mother’s goons have been scattered everywhere in the airport, they needed to board the flight however stepped down before takeoff. She further explains that their wedding changed into additionally fake. Sahil tells Vaidika that the marriage turned into simplest a jerk for Vaidika, to make her recognize how special their love tale is. Vaidika cries in a hug with Sahil, she says she might have died without him. She apologizes Pankti for misunderstanding her. Pankti needs a hug from Vaidika, as she overlooked her.

Pankti’s mother attain with a gun pointed closer to Sahil. She says this Sahil is liable for all this rivalry, she can kill him now. And nothing may be an extra punishment for them. the gang had gathered around. They hear Vaidika’s scream at the bullet shot. Vaidika had become Sahil down. Pankti’s mother vows that now she will kill Sahil and Vaidika each. The police accumulate Pankti’s mother and call for palms down. Pankti’s mom says she doesn’t care for her very own existence, but she will be able to besides kill Sahil. Pankti snatches the gun from a policeman and warns to shoot herself if Sahil is killed. Her mother turned into afraid now.

At Agarwal residence, there has been informed about the lockdown of the airport because of a lady. The footages display Sahil, Vaidika, Pankti and her mom. Bari Amma asks Deepak to call the ASP of Kanpur. Prachi was involved that Puneesh has to be anxious, his efforts went in vain. Puneesh turned into using the automobile whilst deciding his subsequent strategy.

Pankti’s mother says all right, she ought to pass on. She could no longer be capable of live a respectable lifestyles anyway. Pankti says she doesn’t want a husband in existence. She says her mom changed into additionally married, what she got from her Baba; handiest disgrace and hatred. Having a husband isn’t a assure to happy lifestyles. Vaidika asks her to forestall this, moms are intended to carry happiness for his or her kids. They flow ahead as Pankti’s mother had fallen vulnerable. Sahil comes forward to speak to her. Pankti’s mom warns them to come back nearer, she has a bomb tied to herself and indicates it to them as properly. Sahil tells her that she got her out to be a fool, he constantly claimed Pankti as a good friend but she misunderstood their friendship. Vaidika asks her to at the least reflect on consideration on her daughter. Pankti says her Baba spoilt her formative years, she doesn’t want her mom to wreck her future. She neither desires to stay without her mother, nor she wishes to die. Vaidika explains that Pankti needs a man similar to Sahil, not Sahil himself. Gaurav comes there and says Vaidika is right. He says he has been in the deep mind of Pankti and found out his mistake. He may not be Sahil, however he loves Pankti and could do his first-class to keep Pankti glad in lifestyles.

PRECAP: Shanti Devi confess switching Pankti’s reports and other crimes. earlier than she may want to inform about Puneesh, she turned into shot in her forehead and fell at the floor.


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