Aap Ke Aa Jane Se 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update
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Pankti’s mom accepts her sins. Sahil involves Vaidika pronouncing he already claimed he can’t be with all people but Vaidika. Vaidika became apologetic. Vaidika comes to Pankti and says Sahil is proper approximately Pankti’s person. Pankti tells Vaidika she decided to move to the united states, however, she needs a promise for them not to permit something break their trust and love. Sahil involves hold Vaidika’s hand and makes the promise. Vaidika additionally makes the promise. Gaurav tells Pankti he gained’t stop her, however, he’s going to watch for her. Pankti says she isn’t thinking about love, but they will, in reality, live in touch. they couldn’t say something about destiny. Pankti’s mom asks her for a hug, Pankti denies as she has misplaced that proper. Sahil drops Pankti for the flight. Sahil turns to Vaidika and asks to go home. Vaidika tells Sahil to call Aarya that she shouldn’t watch for their return and pass over her flight. Pankti’s mother stops them to tell the name of her partner.

Prachi watches the information on television and became worried that their sport might be spoilt.
before, Pankti’s mother could inform the call, a bullet become shot into Shanti’s forehead. She falls on the floor, lifeless. Puneesh stood upstairs and thinks he’s going to hold his efforts in opposition to Vaidika and Sahil At Agarwal residence, Bari Amma, alongside Nani, Deepak and Prachi pray. Deepak says he constantly claims Sahil and Vaidika are made for each other. Vaidika and Sahil go back with the children. Sahil says their love was given a brand new life, he won’t let something destroy it. Bari Amma assures Sahil that the whole thing may be excellent any further. They go to serve the dinner, even as Vaidika holds Sahil lower back. a person walks within the darkish.

Vaidika promises Sahil that their tie will in no way be broken, and Sahil and Vaidika received’t get aside. Sahil says nothing in the global can undo their love story. He kisses Vaidika’s hand. the person within the dark burns Sahil’s photo. The flame in their temple additionally goes out.

It became morning. Sahil and Vaidika have been ready to leave for the honeymoon. Ved wanted to head along, but Sahil says he has to stay back with grandmothers. Vaidika asks to take the children along, Sahil says the simplest wants to spend some great time with Vaidika. Nani says Vaidika should sense fortunate to have a husband like this. Prachi brings an aarti thaal, she gets weepy that she feels so lonely without her husband, and knows it’s hard to stay. Sahil and Vaidika promise to usually be with her, Sahil says they will e-book the satisfactory clinic in Kanpur for her transport as well.

Bari Amma burns crimson chilli and says if this smoke causes any irritation or cough, she may be relieved. They had been quickly involved when nothing reasons any cough or inflammation for Sahil or Vaidika. Nani changed into additionally tensed that they have got an evil eye over them. Bari Amma turned into superstitious and asks them not to go away for a honeymoon. Sahil wasn’t prepared to simply accept this and says he want to spend time with Vaidika. Vaidika assures the women that she will convey Sahil returned if it doesn’t sense proper. when Sahil and Vaidika have left, Bari Amma and Nani pray for his or her protection.

In Puneesh’s room, Prachi says she has been inflicted with the evil eye. she will plead in front of her mother to carry him again to the circle of relatives. Deepak heard their conversation, he wonders what Prachi wishes from this Sardar.

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PRECAP: Upcoming Aap Ke Aa Jane Se episode update A Pandit Ji warns Bari Amma and Nani that there may be a huge problem foreseen ahead of Sahil and Vaidika. There, Sahil and Vaidika’s automobile has a coincidence.


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