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The legal professional tells Sahil that Vaidika has been charged, witness are there and media has worsened the case. Sahil asks what if Pankti comes for the verdict herself. The attorney says it would prove that Pankti is being pressured. Sahil’s bruise bled.Within the police station, the female inspector wonders if her Vaidika’s lover nevertheless didn’t bring any proof. Sahil comes with the fake witness who was an area goon and been charged already in stations.

The inspector slaps the goon for false witness, and allows release of Vaidika. Vaidika walks out of the jail. She turned into about to slip while Sahil holds her. The ladies in jail discuss that the stories like them can’t be visible everywhere. Sahil says even the police claimed that Vaidika can’t undergo the other girl in his lifestyles. He wants to clarify only

Vaidika is his wife. He stored Pankti because Pankti turned into being accused and attacked, and he has learnt to assist from Vaidika. Vaidika’s character is extraordinarily excessive and he believes he is the luckiest man in the global to have her as a wife. he will preserve his attempts till Vaidika forgives him. all people clap for Sahil and advocates that it’s no longer proper to be angry with this kind of loving husband for long. Maya comes there and takes Vaidika and Sahil to talk to them.

They attain a temple. Maya questions Vaidika if they’re only lovers, or if they’re spouses and dad and mom as properly. Sahil says he has every relation with Vaidika most effective, be it a partner, a accomplice or a circle of relatives. he is conscious she is irritated with him, but they’re soul mates and Radha Krishna of this world. they can’t be parted without difficulty. He wish her to agree with her, and recall him as a partner and a pal. Maya reminds Vaidika that Sahil changed into able to live along with her, and by no means touched her. If she honestly agree with Sahil can do such an act? She have to trust Sahil another time. Vaidika looks in the direction of Sahil. Her cellphone bell jewelry, it turned into a video message of Sahil taking Pankti to out-residence that night. Sahil become shocked as he watches the video. Vaidika asks Maya if she has something else to say, if this isn’t the proof. He took Pankti to outhouse. If he still claims he most effective has every relation along with her simplest. that is approximately the day he enumerated the difference between their age, and he located an age fellow on the same night. Sahil explains he changed into inebriated, Pankti and Vaidika wore the same dress and can be…

Vaidika questions if for him love way getting under the influence of alcohol and take anybody round? She is ignorant of this type of love. For her, there may be no location for any 1/3 man or woman in love. She wasn’t equipped to listen to any of Sahil’s explanation and says she can never forget about that she had visible him with Pankti. She warns Sahil to stay faraway from her if he has most effective a little respect for her. He have to believe Vaidika turned into in no way in his existence. Vaidika became distressed, and says he ought to prove to Vaidika that he wasn’t disloyal to her. Maya asks how he’ll show this. Sahil was in a disbelief that he has to show his like to Vaidika even after years. Maya shows him to talk to Pankti approximately it, best they are able to give a solution of proof.

Vaidika returns domestic. Aarya comes to her concerned however then, Ved comes outside with extreme cough. Vaidika become worried.

Usha and Pankti’s mom met. Pankti’s mom become grateful to Usha. Usha thinks she understood in the first appearance that she has an empty mind. she will be able to use her well to create exciting dramas in Sahil and Vaidika’s existence.

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se 6th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Pankti blames her mom for everything. Vaidika and Sahil signal consent of operation for Ved within the health facility. Sahil tells Vaidika they may get the reviews as a proof of his innocence.

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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