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Nani blames Sahil. Sahil convinces Vaidika that this seems to be a lie, he can’t be given the reports and get every other test. Pankti’s mom says this test won’t take place again, Sahil developed a relation with Pankti and Pankti may be the daughter in law of this house now. Vaidika additionally says there won’t be any test once more, she is a female and may’t see Pankti being blamed. She proclaims that she and her kids will have no relation with this family anymore. Bari Amma stops Vaidika and tells her to think about Ved at least. She is conscious Vaidika is harm however at the least they could live collectively for the sake of their youngsters. Vaidika beyond by using Sahil to go away. She become stopped right away as her dress caught in Sahil’s wrist watch. both turn to appearance towards each different. Sahil asks Vaidika to punish him what she wish. Vaidika says she is being punished for loving him. It’s viable she installed a relation with Pankti whilst nevertheless being inebriated.

Vaidika says Sahil has broken her trust and he or she gained’t anymore be capable of appreciate him. Sahil requests Vaidika to stay, he can be broken if she snatches his kids and his love from him. He is prepared for any punishment. Vaidika thinks approximately all the happenings and walks away.

Prachi tells Puneesh in the jail that she bribed the nurse of medical institution and were given the reviews changed. Puneesh kiss the again of Prachi’s palms and says this will benefit them rule that Agarwal residence. Prachi become satisfied and leaves the house.

At home, Vaidika cries in the front of Maya that Sahil wronged her. She could never think the matters might break to such an quantity. Maya says Sahil isn’t in any respect geared up to simply accept that he became wrong. Vaidika argues still she can’t forgive him.

Prachi became irritated at Vaidika for leaving the house. Bari Amma changed into clean that it turned into Pankti’s mistake, she decides to name Pankti’s father. Sahil snatches the cellphone from Bari Amma and proclaims his choice that Pankti will live here. He says even supposing Vaidika returns domestic, she gained’t be capable of consider him and their love gained’t be the equal. He says he can nevertheless no longer apprehend if this will show up.

Vaidika become crying in front of Maya that Sahil has devastated the entirety. Aarya heard this and makes a decision to do some thing for relieving her mother’s criticism now.

Sahil asks Pankti for help as a pal. He wish they show to Vaidika that they aren’t culprits and are harmless. Vaidika is his lifestyles and he can’t endure to lose her. He requests her to assist him. Pankti says she felt extremely responsible after watching the reviews, however now her heart also believes there was nothing between them. she can continue blame her until Vaidika forgives them. she will be able to should take a necessary step to look their lives complete.

Aarya got papers ready. Guddu involves ask Aarya if there’s a few trouble. Guddu requests her to forgive him for once. Aarya says like Guddu, Sahil additionally ruined her mama’s life. she can now get her free of this kind of anxiety. Guddu concurs Aarya’s anger. He asks Aarya now not to look every guy the equal way. he’s going to exchange her views. He is likewise certain that Sahil will quickly show himself to be harmless and they will quickly be together. After Guddu has left, Aarya says she won’t permit her mom cry any in addition.

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se 8th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Sahil changed into bowled over to peer the Divorce papers from Vaidika. Pankti says she is sure Vaidika received’t take this sort of big step. Sahil’s fitness condition worsens. a person kidnaps their baby. Vaidika involves Agarwal house asking about her baby.

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se Main Star Cast List Below:-

Suhasi Dhami ( Vedika Kumari Kumar )

Geeta Tyagi ( Bimla Agarwal )

Karan Jotwani ( Sahil Agarwal/Vedika Husband )

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