Abdullah Death Because Of Cardiac Arrest Salim Khan Reactions

In this difficult time of lockdown, Salman Khan’s family has been mourned. Recently, Salman’s nephew Abdullah has passed away. Because of which there is mourning in his family. Abdullah is buried in his hometown of Indore. But neither Salman nor any member of his family was able to go there due to the lockdown. Bhaijaan is also quite expected from this.

After the death of Abdullah, now Salim Khan has told some of the things related to him in a conversation with Spotby, which you may not know. Salim Khan said, ‘Abdullah had diabetes due to which his health was poor. Medicines also did not work much on his body. And finally his heart responded and cardiac arrest led to his death. He was the only child of his parents. He also had a girlfriend, who immediately left for Indore after hearing the news of his death. Abdullah must have been buried by now ‘.

Dangerous accident occurred 6 months ago:

He was a very strong and healthy boy before having diabetes. He used to exercise a lot. But 6 months ago he had a major accident. When he was coming from Indore, he saw two people changing the tires of their car, seeing this Abdullah also put his car on the side. Just then, a truck hit him from behind. After this Abdullah was brought to Mumbai and admitted to Lilavati Hospital. Then he was cured within 15-20 days. But he was ill for some time. Doctors had said that it is very unlikely to recover.


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