Abhay Deol Romancing with Teenager caught in What Are The Odds New Movie OTT Release

Bollywood actor Abhay Deol is a well known actor in the film industry. Abhay has acted in many films. The audience has always appreciated his acting. At the same time, OTT platforms will also be seen soon. Not only Abhay Deol but OTT is a great platform for many Bollywood actors. After the film’s release on the digital platform, many actors like Abhay Deol have been blessed with OTT, which Bollywood has not given much opportunities to, despite better work. Abhay will soon be seen in the OTT original film.

Actor Abhay Deol is ready to once again spark his acting. He is soon to be seen in the OTT original film. His film name is ‘The Odds’. This film teaser has been released. The teaser video of ‘The Odds’ has been shared by Abhay Deol on his Instagram account. Sharing this video, Abhay wrote in the caption, ‘It is often seen that 40 people give heart to a teenage girl. And the girl’s name is Vivek. Is not this aud Not only this, Vivek is very smart.

‘The Odds’ film, actress Yashshwini Dayma is going to be seen in this film along with Abhay. Abhay is actually talking about him only. In ‘The Odds’, Abhay Yashshwini Dayma who is a ‘teenage girl’ will be seen surrounded by his love. Abhay will be seen playing the role of a rockstar in the film. However, it is an English film in the teaser released. Because not a single dialogue of this was heard in Hindi. But it seems to connect with today’s youth. Talking about the story of the film, it is based on two teenage girls who fall in love with boys aged 40 years.

Talking about actress Yashshwini Dayma, she is already the big star of OTT. He has worked in series like ‘Made in Heaven’, ‘Phobia’, ‘Delhi Crime’. Apart from this, she was also seen in the role of Alia’s friend in Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt starrer Dear Zindagi.

Abhay Deol has done excellent roles on the basis of his unique acting and he is also known for his film selection in the industry. Abhay Deol is also very active on OTT platforms apart from films and he is working on a lot of rich content silently. One of these films is The Odds. In this film, Abhay Deol will be seen flirting with a teenage girl. The web series teaser has been released.

Abhay Deol himself has shared the teaser of The Odds on his Instagram account. With the teaser, he wrote in the caption, “It has always been seen that a 40 year old man always loves a teenage girl. Vivek’s name is his. Can’t seem to get aud Vivek is quite smart. ”Let us tell you that Abhay has become a rockstar in the film.

The name of the film is The Odds and the tagline of the film is What are the Odds. “What is strange in the world.” How two teenage friends fall in love with the opposite gender at the age of 40. The hint of which relationship goes through which point is given in the teaser of the film. Abhay will be seen romancing Yashshwini Dayma in the film.

Before this, Yashshwini had become a part of big projects like Made in Heaven, Phobia, Delhi Crime and Dear Zindagi. The Odds is being directed by Megha Ramaswamy. There has been no official announcement on when and where the film will be released. Abhay Deol is sharing some videos related to the film with the fans. Fans are also excited to see this film.


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