Abhishek Bachchan Gave 1 Lakh Rupees For Donation To Farah Khan Daughter Anya

Like Bollywood celebs, now Star Kids has come forward in the battle of Corona virus. Recently, Farah Khan had spoken on behalf of his daughter Anya to collect money for the Covid-19 charity by selling sketches. Farah had told that her daughter would sell the sketches she had made and use whatever money came from her for charity. Now actor Abhishek Bachchan has also joined this charity drive of Anya and he has given one lakh rupees for a sketch of Anya.

Actually, Anya’s mother Farah is very happy after coming one lakh rupees for a sketch and has also thanked Abhishek Bachchan for this donation. Although many people find it shocking to give a lakh rupees of a sketch, but this money is for donation, there is no purchase in it. Farah has also shared a photo on Instagram, thanking Abhishek, hugging Abhishek.

Farah Khan wrote on his Instagram post- ‘Who pays one lakh rupees for sketch? Just Bachchan… Anya’s charity drive has doubled in one go. Thank you mad, big-hearted mad boy. You will not like what is to come after this. Also, Farah has shared a picture of his daughter and sketch. It looks like a dog’s sketch.

Anya has already collected about one lakh rupees by making sketches of pets i.e. pets. They have used these funds to help needy people and stray dogs (street dogs). All these funds are being used to help street dogs and to deliver food in slums. ‘ Zoya Akhtar, Tabu have also participated in this initiative of Anya.


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