Abhishek Kapoor Reveals Sushant Singh Rajput Could See Everything Revolved Around Sara Ali Khan

Abhishek Kapoor, director of the film ‘Kedarnath’, has revealed that Sushant Singh Rajput could see it revolving around Sara Ali Khan after the film’s release. Sushant Singh Rajput ended his life in Mumbai on 14 June 2020. According to the report, he was under depression for the last 6 months and was undergoing treatment. His sudden death shook the entire film industry and his fans are still not mistrusting him.

Sushant has left no suicide note and now his well wishers are trying to understand why he did this. Abhishek Kapoor, the director of the film Kedarnath, also talked about how the entire spotlight of the film had become the focus of Sara Ali Khan, a starkid, and this also bothered him more as Kedarnath was not only Sara but Sushant’s film too.

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He said about this in an interview to Spotboye, ‘I had not talked to him for about a year and a half. Many times you talk and then you go on to do the next film. He must have changed his mobile number 50 times and I remember that the media rejected him at the time of ‘Kedarnath’. I don’t know what happened, he could see that he is not getting that kind of love because everything was centered around Sarah at the time. He was just lost. ‘

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He adds, “When the film was released and the reaction was good, I sent him a message,” Brother I’m trying to reach you, I’m not sure if you’re upset, or busy, but call me So that we can chat. We have made a super film. Will make the film together again. If we are not happy about this, what will we celebrate in life? So please call me, I love you. He did not respond to this. He did not respond to me even on his birthday. I told myself to just let it be. I could see that he is not happy, but you don’t want to cross a line. ‘


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