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4 category winners announced during CM – Christopher Polk / Getty Images

In this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, it is decided that the winners will be announced during the CM in four categories, photography prize, editorial award, short live-action film award, and make-and-hair styling award. John Bailey, President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced.

In recent years, this measure aimed at shortening the broadcasting time of the live broadcasting which is struggling with the viewer rating, and summarizing it in 3 hours. Last August, when the announcement of winners of several divisions was recorded, it was announced that they would take the form to be edited later, and the voice of criticism also raised that “the value of that department will decline?.

Bailey announced that they will announce the winners of the four categories of photography awards, editorial awards, short film live action film awards, and make-and-hair styling awards, while they are honoring all the 24 universities in the local time and the academy as they are all 24. Basically it seems to be about to cut until the winners go up to the stage, but too much speech will be edited.

These four divisions shed what they edited during the live broadcast of the TV, and said they will broadcast live at the Official Website of the Academy Awards. For each prize to be announced during the CM, it is good to have around 6 categories every year from the department to the ceremony. For photography awards, editing awards, short film live action movie awards and make-and-hair styling awards omitted this time, the next year’s awards ceremony It is announced during broadcasting.

Also, although it is a song award that was rumored to be only two songs, performance was also announced that all five songs nominated as usual will be performed. This year’s Academy Awards ceremony is held for the first time in 30 years without a moderator.

The 91st Academy Awards ceremony will be broadcast live at WOWOW Prime from 8:30 am on February 25 (Monday)


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