Christophe Waltz
Virtual YouTuber · Kizunaai (left) and Christophe Waltz of Deleedere

Actress Christophe Waltz, Virtual YouTuber to Melody

Oscar actor Christophe Waltz who first came to Japan for the promotion of the movie ” Arita: Battle Angel ” entered the public event event “The Ultimate Creator’s Session with Kizuna Eye ” held on the 15th in Tokyo . I was enjoying the time of the moment such as the virtual YouTuber · Kizunaai who hosted the event from beginning to end, and in the photo session I took a hand holding pose. Co-star Rosa Salazar , Robert Rodriguez , and John Lando (producer) also entered this day.

This work is a sci-fi action that James Cameron realized in real scenes the sci-fi comic “Yumeki” by cartoonist Yuki Kijashi . ” Django Unchained ,” ” Inglourious Basterds Christoph, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in” has served as a cyber doctor and latitude role to give new life to the cyborg girl Arita in this work.

When such an actor Christoph appeared as a virtual YouTuber · Kizunaai of a cute girl appearing, it is interesting to her that “You are engaged?” Christophe nailed to Kizunaai, which spreads his hands, smiles eyes, or takes a cute pose, said, “For the moment I forgot about Arita,” a full smile. “I thought that I wanted to come to Tokyo for 35 years and finally I could do it! (Robert and others) I am thankful to the first visit to Japan, thankfully for being able to come here thanks to them.”

There is also a piece that is questioned as “From love between humans and cyborg is possible” from Kizunaai, Christophe says, “If humans can also fall in love with Cyborg, the opposite is true, so I sat next to you I was excited about the venue with a rich reaction by Wit.

Rosa starring, “I’d like to go to the world of virtual (virtual),” I was excited about meeting Kizunaai. About the movie release in Japan of the birth place of the original · “I came back to Arrieta to my hometown” and invited the audience. In addition, regarding the shooting using the latest performance capture technology, when expressing as “Arita was a car, I was feeling like a driver” and looking back, I did not think without watching the completed image “Oh My God!” Confessioning that. “I was alrita, but my body and personality were projected”, I was very satisfied with the result.

Film “Arita: Battle Angel” will be released nationwide from February 22


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