Mumbai: Actress Adam Sharma (Adah Sharma) is playing the role of a male in the comedy film on Sex Reassignment Surgery, and she is very excited about it.

Adah Sharma Will Look Into The Film On Sex Reassignment Surgery

The story of the movie “Man to Man” revolves around the character of actor Naveen Kasturia. Naveen falls in love with the character of Ad Sharma, and he gets married to him and later he feels that he was a man physically before and with the help of sex reassignment surgery, she became a woman.

Paid said in a statement, “From the debut film ‘1920’ to ‘Commando 2’, ‘Commando 3’, I have always tried to select different characters in the movies. This will be the first time when I am a boy I will play the character of. “

Actor Naveen says that this is a perfect match for entertainment and social messages. Naveen said, “This movie is quite different and it is also very interesting because of being formed on the hot issue of gender acceptance.” It has been written and directed by Abir Sengupta.

Abhir says, “The experience of working with Paid and Naveen was very good. I am certain that the film will not only entertain the audience but will also receive the message that I want to give them through this film.” Jai Sahni, owner of the Vivid Arthouse, has joined hands with Abir Sengupta and Anushri Mehta and has produced the film from Anushree Abir Entertainment.


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