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The Episode begins with Kamakshi telling that she will accompany him. Advik says my speed is quick. She says she will get up to speed with his speed. Advik says you are my significant other so my duty. He holds her hand. Tune plays… .kuch toh hain tujhse raabta. He says I can’t hazard your life for that day. Kamakshi says she is my sister. He says she is your Mama’s little girl. Kamakshi says all relations are not blood related and says you need to figure out how to satisfy the relations. Rudranaath discloses to Dravya that she has fizzled. Dravya says you have fizzled and not me. He says he didn’t fall flat. Dravya says why you couldn’t give Kamakshi’s bali at that point, as your shishya got hitched to your bali and sold out you. Rudranaath grins and says bali turned out poorly, isn’t defiant, however he is as yet my devoted shishya.

Dravya says you was likewise devoted shishya of our Guru ji then for what reason did you change? Rudranaath says future will change. Dravya says Advik will never resemble you, you was under the great master ji, yet you was abhorrent. She says Advik isn’t awful on the most fundamental level despite the fact that he has a detestable master. Rudranaath says I have dealt with him since his folks’ passing and gave him new life. He says I have just appropriate on his life and blood. I am his beginning and end. Dravya says such Gurus like you went back and forth with their gurur/pride. She tells that marriage has a power which can transform him and this thing occur with Advik as well, as he adored kamakshi. Rudranaath says Advik is clear about retribution. He says it was an old retribution and after that stops. He says this marriage doesn’t make a difference to Advik.

Advik reveals to Kamashi that she can’t stroll with his speed. Kamakshi says she will contract up and shudders with bug. He gives his coat. She doesn’t take. He says we don’t have time and covers his coat on her. She reviews his guarantee. Aasmi and Shanaya go to the individual masters. Shanaya discloses to Dravya that I saw Advik and Kamakshi going inside time entryway. Dravya snickers and inquires as to whether Advik took Kamakshi to keep her safe from you. She says Advik’s adoration will change your reality as well. Kamakshi is strolling with much trouble. An inborn is seen. Aara cries and says where did I come? She calls mummy, Papa and Kamakshi. Suman gets furious knowing Kamakshi went with Advik to look Aara. She says it is abshagun. Param says she did great by going with Advik and will bring Aara back. Chote Mama says she did well thing. Chote Mami accuses her. Param says she went to help the individuals who is accusing her. Suman sees Kankali. Param says no one is there. Advik sees the innate assaulting them with bolts and secures her. He drives her down and covers her with himself. They see numerous tribals coming there. Kankali presents Param as Advik’s cousin. Param discloses to her headings to Dravya’s room. She grins.

Advik sees the tribals coming running there. He asks Kamakshi to in any case rests on ice ground. He culls the tree from the ice ground and thumps the tribals. Kankali sees Aasmi and supposes she will ask Rudranaath how to reach Advik. She sees Kankali and asks who are you? Kankali says she is Sneha and she wanted marriage. Aasmi says marriage is finished. Kankali requests Kamakshi and jiju. She asks Aasmi where is lady of the hour and husband to be? Aasmi asks who are you? She says she is Param’s niece and originated from far. Aasmi says you don’t appear to be from this world and says appears as though you originated starting from the earliest stage.

Kankali says simply like Aghori comes. Aasmi asks I don’t get your meaning? Kankali asks where is Param chacha? Aasmi says he should be in the house. Kankali says you was close to recognize me, however was lost in contemplations. She says Kankali has wanted retribution. Kamakshi sees the tribals strolling towards her holding the bolts and yells Advik’s name. Advik hurries to her and spares her. He makes every one of them tumble down. One of the inborn tells this is Banjara basti and you don’t have the foggiest idea what will occur with you.

Rudranaath inquires as to whether she has gone frantic to go behind Advik. She says in the event that he don’t drink Kamakshi back. Rudranaath says Advik won’t conflict with me. Aasmi says on the off chance that they get caught in that world. Rudranaath says it is hard to cross samay dwar and search by one way or another. She says she can look through him. Rudranaath requests that her make the plans and says Inder will go with you. Kankali comes to Rudranaath. He asks who are you? Kankali says she is Dravya’s new shishya and her name is Meera. Kamakshi and Advik see Aara. The young lady calls Kamakshi. Advik thinks her appearance isn’t noticeable and cuts trishul to her. Kamakshi inquires as to for what reason did you execute her, on the off chance that you need bali, at that point you would have taken my bali. She goes to Aara and sees her turning into a skeleton.

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