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The Episode starts with Advik considering Aghoran asking Kamakshi’s hand in marriage with Soham. He thinks of Rudranaath telling him no longer to marry Kamakshi. He recollects Ashmi asking him to comply with her plan, Kamakshi agreeing to marry Soham. He movements the mountain and comes out, says he won’t allow this take place. Aghoran asks Shanaya if she talked to Soham. Shanaya says his number isn’t always connecting and says if Soham ran away as he desired to become Aghori all lifestyles and you announced his marriage. Aghoran says this may’t occur and asks her to try his smartphone, says we’d get a clue where he become last seen. Advik thinks Gurudev doubts on me, i was away from any wishes all lifestyles. He sees a car fast proceeding in the direction of him, but he doesn’t pass. a few guys are in the vehicle. the guy riding the auto taking the automobile to left and it’s miles about to fall in the valley. Advik holds the car to protection. They thank him and falls unconscious. Advik says next time if you are inebriated and power the auto then i can not save you. He sees a small plant coming out from soil and recalls Kamakshi. He fixes it inside the floor. The small plant will become a girl. He doesn’t see her.

Kamakshi’s Mama if she is sure that she will be able to marry Soham and asks her to reconsider. Kamashi says she is positive and tells that you said that you understand the own family and this alliance is ideal, I have no objection from this marriage and want to do this quickly. younger Mama asks him to meet Draviya and fasten the wedding date. She involves the temple and thinks of Advik tensedly. Advik comes there. Kamakshi doesn’t see him, but calls his call. He stops and comes to her. She says am i able to ask you some thing? She asks what did you do with me and says because you held my hand, the whole thing has changed and i were given some shakti in me. He says I didn’t have this shakti/strength before and because you held my hand, I did some thing which I in no way did earlier than. She says this mark on my hand was sparkling. He says I didn’t apprehend. She asks who are you and what you did with me. She asks him no longer to cover and says you are not an ordinary guy and may be you are having a few powers. Advik says I simply recognize that there is some secret thread, love rope. Kamakshi says you’re diverting the subject and says you’re going to marry a person else and i am going to marry someone else. He holds her closer and says marriage didn’t happen but. He says if I don’t allow this marriage happen then? She asks if he mean what’s he pronouncing? He says yes. She asks him to interrupt marriage with Ashmi. He says i’m able to ruin. Kamakshi says this could’t occur. He says i’m able to tell you who am I, and says i’m able to make the not possible take place. He says your heart knows what’s there among us, the rope that is bringing us closer will not torn so without problems. He appears at her and thinks I won’t permit you to go away from my life so effortlessly. The woman plant comes there.

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