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Advik stops. Kamakshi says you are a weakling. I adored you so much and you loathe me. She says you have grabbed everything from me and have finished me. She says you can end my life on the off chance that you needed, yet I have a solicitation with you, if it’s not too much trouble spare Aara’s life. She is a young lady. Advik hits the ice ball in the sky and it offers downpour to set off the flame. Fundamental tera hojawunga plays… Kamakshi gets soaked with water and the flame is set off. She plunks down and inquires as to for what reason are you messing around with me. She asks who are you? She requests that he state and advances her hand. He draws close to her and holds her hand. He says you needs responds to for your inquiry or need to look through your sister. Kamakshi says Aara, I need my sister.

Rudranaath goes to Dravya’s room and assaults her. Dravya kicks him and pushes him to divider. Rudranaath says Advik is stuck today as a result of you. Dravya says you are concerned as your bali Kamakshi went with her. He assaults Dravya. Kankali takes a gander at herself in the mirror and compliments her kankal/skeleton. They hear Rudranaath yelling and are coming there. Kankali Gauravi sees them and says they are foes, I loved it. She tells Param and Suman that there is no one here and says we will see there. Kamakshi asks Advik where are they going? Advik says answer is infront of you. They see a little house and come there. Kamakshi says we need to look Aara, why you brought me here. Advik accuses her and inquires as to for what reason did you accompany me? kamakshi says I don’t believe you and that is the reason came. Advik says he came to safeguarded one and is dealing with other. Kamakshi says she isn’t powerless like she shows up. Kamakshi asks him not to do anything without asking her. He says she can’t overcome him.

Kamakshi says I came to look Aara with you. He makes circle. She says we are burning through our time here. He keeps hand on her finger and says you won’t utter a word now. He takes the blind and requests that her wet her hairs. Rudranaath tells that when Kamakshi and Advik go there, can’t be returned. Dravya says she didn’t do it purposefully and Aara went. Rudranaath says you opened the time entryway at wrong time and don’t have the foggiest idea what will happen now. Kamakshi removes her saree. Advik takes a gander at her. Kamakshi comes covering herself with window ornament. He lights fire and requests that her dry her garments.

Rudranaath tells Aasmi and Inder that Dravya had opened the time entryway and it was the point at which anybody goes there, can’t return. Inder says it implies they can’t return regardless of whether they are alive. Rudranaath says they will be alive as Advik is with them, however their life will be most exceedingly terrible than death. He says they will look through the time entryway, yet it is hard to discover. He says we will go there. Advik does puja and finds the best approach to Aara. Kamakshi gets passionate and discovers minutes went through with her. Simply then they see the windows solidifying with ice. Advik says this is the enchantment of this spot. Kamakshi requests that he soften the ice with flame and requests that he accomplish something. He says somebody needs to trap us here and don’t need us to reach Aara. Shanaya discloses to Dravya that Rudranaath is going to time entryway. Dravya says how he can stay silent as his bali went to time entryway. Aasmi gives rudraksha mala to Rudranaath and says it is of Advik. Rudranaath does enchantment and the time entryway opens. He gets inside pursued by Aasmi and Inder. Shanaya brings anklet of Kamakshi and provides for Dravya. Dravya inquires as to whether it is of Kamakshi or another person. Dravya says it is of Kamakshi as it were. Dravya says she won’t let anything happen to Kamakshi and strolls inside. Shanaya likewise strolls inside. Kankali sees them heading inside and gets inside. Rudranaath tells Inder and Aasmi that Kamakshi’s demise is composed here and he will give her bali here. He chuckles and says shiv. Dravya and Shanaya see the Himalayas. Shanaya says this world is not quite the same as us. Dravya says yes. Kankali Gauravi tells that she will slaughter everybody.

Kamakshi reveals to Advik that she is concerned for Aara. She says we can’t confront this world, how Aara will confront this world, she is a young lady. She says on the off chance that I don’t discover my sister, at that point I will likewise not go. Advik says this spot is Mayavi, the more you see it, it will increment and asks her not to see. Kamakshi says we are caught, what to see. He pulls her close him and requests that her see just him. Principle tera banjawunga plays… ..

Precap: Advik and Kamakshi discover Aara solidified inside the ice. Kamakshi requests that he spare Aara. Advik takes her out and is running with them, when Rudranaath, Inder, Asmi, Dravya and Shanaya come there.


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