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Rashi is stressed for Aara and kamakshi and ponders them. She breaks the cup accidentally while working in the kitchen and discovers light coming inside from under the divider. She checks the divider and discovers it shaking. She finds the mystery entry and thinks on the off chance that she will go. She ponders it. Kamakshi sobs for Aara. Aara gains awareness and says Kamakshi didi. Kamakshi embraces her and cries, saying thanks to God. She says would you say you are fine? Aara asks where did we come? You was going to wed Soham. Advik comes there wearing his garments. Aara says you was going to wed Alien looking young lady? Advik says marriage didn’t occur with her, however with Kamakshi. Aara asks truly and embraces Kamakshi. She asks this may be your special first night and asks what I am doing with you. Kamakshi requests that her rest and says we will return home and talk. Rudranaath, Aasmi and Inder come there. Advik sees tempest coming and asks Kamakshi to come. Kamakshi requests that he see Aara’s condition. He takes Aara in his grasp and runs. Kamakshi falls. He encourages her get up. They run. Kamakshi sees Rudranaath, Aasmi, Inder and reviews their phony presentation. She is stunned. Dravya and Shanaya come there. Kamakshi is progressively stunned and says every one of them are Aghoris, a major selling out.

Rudranaath and Dravya stop the tempest coming towards them with their forces. Advik says you individuals are here? Dravya requests that he go with Aara and Kamakshi and says the manner in which will be shut in at some point and will never be open. We don’t have room schedule-wise to make the new time entryway. She requests that he go close to the mountain and venture out of the entryway. She asks him not to sit around idly and go. Rudranaath signs him to go. Advik begins strolling holding Kamakshi and Aara on his shoulder.

Rashi comes inside the mystery room, the light is glinting there. She sees a trunk and supposes what is inside it? Advik says a major mountain is there. Kamakshi says I won’t go. Advik says then you will be caught. Kamakshi says I am now caught in your net. She says whom I thought as my family are all Aghoris. He inquires as to whether she is distraught and says there is a risk here. Kamakshi inquires as to whether she isn’t in peril with him. She says I realized that you needed to end my life, however doesn’t realize that you will call every one of them here.

Rudranaath and Dravya make the cloud tempest break with their forces. He says you are my appearance or distraught about me. Dravya says I won’t let you take Kamakshi’s bali in any world. Rudranaath says I think you adore me, missed me and came tailing me. dravya requests that he think anything he desires and says I won’t let you be ground-breaking by giving Kamakshi’s bali. Dravya says she is leaving as samay entryway is shutting. Rudranaath asks Inder and Aasmi to come. Kamakshi asks Advik what is happening in his psyche and inquires as to why they all have come here, would they like to end my life as well. Advik approaches her to take a gander at him for the appropriate responses. Kamakshi says I just observed you and that is the reason I am seeing this day. She says you are not my affection, however my passing and inquires as to for what reason to go with my demise. He holds her hand and requests that her come, says I don’t have room schedule-wise to explain to the motivation behind why I detest you. Kamakshi says you despise me. He says truly, I loathe you without question. He inquires as to whether she is upbeat? Advik says yes. Shanaya requests that they come and says time entryway is going to get shut. Rashi sees a few pics in the storage compartment and supposes who are they? She opens the huge trunk and thinks who are they, these photos are taken in this house. She supposes they don’t remain here.

Dravya asks Rudranaath for what reason he is following her now. Rudranaath says you said that there is one samay dwar as it were. He says on the off chance that this entryway gets shut, at that point likewise I can cross inside. Dravya contends with him. She tells that she has kept the trishul on the entryway and it won’t shut. They are running towards there. Kankali thinks to drop the trishul down to make the samay entryway shut and makes it fall, to make them stuck here. Rudranaath comes there with others. Kankali says she attempted to stop the trishul, however it tumbled down. Rudranaath admonishes her and afterward discloses to Dravya that her idiotic shishya..Dravya says she is your shishya and not mine. Advik asks them not to contend.

Police Inspector accompanies the Constables and advises that they have conversed with local people and they don’t think about Rudranaath, Dravya and others. Suman says Advik has a major business and so on. Controller says no one thinks about them. Rashi demonstrates the collection which she got from mystery room. Constable says I know them. Reviewer says he will attempt to discover and goes. Suman asks Rashi from where she got it. Rudranaath, Dravya, Advik and others are attempting to keep running towards the entryway seeing it shutting, yet it quits shutting. They ask each other how could they stop it. They go to Advik. Advik gestures no. They go to Kamakshi and see her going to bhole naath and preventing the entryway from shutting. Rudranaath comes to Kamakshi and says she has such a large number of heavenly powers. They see light originating from her hands. Advik is astounded as well. Dravya says inpossible, it’s not possible for anyone to prevent the entryway from shutting and says she is Shiv vardaani. She calls her. Advik additionally calls her name. Kamakshi opens her eyes and supposes how could I do this? Kankanli, Rudranaath, Aasmi, Inder, Shanaya and Dravya run out. Kamakshi asks Advik to go with Aara. Advik tosses Aara and Inder gets her. Kamakshi requests that he go and says on the off chance that I go first, at that point this entryway will be shut and requests that he get it. Advik requests that her come and requests that her come, however Kamakshi drops her hands down. Advik says entryway will be shut on the off chance that you do this?

Everybody is concerned for Aara. Aara’s mom discloses to Suman that Advik’s family should be con artists. Param says what you are stating? Dravya, Rudranaath, Aasmi and Inder come there. Advik says I am calling you, come. Kamakshi says no one cherishes me, I hurt my family and they all despise me. She says you loathe me more than them. She says I would prefer not to come. He requests that her come. Kamakshi says it is smarter to kick the bucket in this world instead of biting the dust there. Advik says you needed to know why I abhor you and says I will advise everything and requests that her come. Kamakshi strolls and hops out. The entryway gets shut. Advik holds and embraces her. He supposes how to release you and says I will slaughter you. Param says where did you go? Rudranaath says we went to get your Aara. Param asks did you discover her? Dravya says yes and requests that they see. They see Advik and Kamakshi bringing Aara. Aara is oblivious. They inquire as to why she isn’t opening her eyes. Param says call the specialist. Dravya says she will be fine. Param asks Advik and Kamakshi had proceeded to ask when did all of you go? Advik says I called them and we looked through her changed way. Param says thanks to him. Suman expresses gratitude toward Advik and insults Kamakshi. Kamakshi gets mournful eyes and wipes her tears. Advik says no one will lose their life as a result of me.

Rudranaath acknowledges Advik for sparing Aara and Kamakshi. He says I thought my diligent work and tapasya will go squander, yet you didn’t allow this to occur. He says Kamakshi realizes that we as a whole are aghoris. Advik says I will deal with her. Rudranaath says for what reason did you go to spare her intersection the time entryway. He says don’t tell that you went for humankind purpose. Advik says for what reason wouldn’t i be able to do great work, says Aghoris do individuals’ integrity. He says in the event that you believe that he went there for his affection. He at that point indicates him jaduwi phool and says similarly as I got the blossom, I felt its forces. He says I realized you will be cheerful. Rudranaath says I am extremely cheerful and embraces him. He supposes Advik has the bloom now and supposes he may turn out to be more dominant than me. Ha takes blossom with him. Advik sees Kamakshi staying there and strolls towards her. She says she needs to converse with him. He says I have to go some place. Kamakshi says I can hardly wait.

Precap: Rudranaath reveals to Advik that Kamakshi got the forces from his folks’ bali. Kamakshi gets her folks’ stuff and gets a library card. She supposes to go there and says I may become more acquainted with something there. Advik stops her and requests that her be with him.


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