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Suman says in what capacity can those 4 disappear and says somebody probably hijacked them. Param says now Dravya and Rudra are missing as well. Chote Mama says they more likely than not taken kamakshi with them. Param says Kamakshi won’t go anyplace without asking me. Mami says something isn’t right with Dravya and Rudra. Kamakshi reveals to Advik that she needs to return home and inform them concerning their marriage. Simply then the climate turns out to be terrible and the mountains tumbles down. Advik holds the mountain. He rushes to Kamakshi seeing the flame lightning tumbling down. Suman says she more likely than not went with her desire and says a lot of cash is squandered. Param says I am stressed over her and you are discussing cash. Rashi says I realize where is she? Suman requests that her tell where is Kamakshi? Rashi says Kamakshi went to do marriage. She says kamakshi needs to wed Advik and went with him. Suman says you know this and we don’t have the foggiest idea.

Rashi says Kamakshi cherishes Advik without a doubt and adores all of you as well, she would prefer not to hurt you. Param says Kamakshi is changed. Suman says she resembles her mum who stole away and had hitched. She says we as a whole comprehend what had occurred with her marriage. Param says she wedded a pleasant man and says whatever happened was her fate. He inquires as to whether she went with Advik. Rashi says she was pitiful and was prepared to wed Soham, yet Aara and I constrained her to go with Advik. Mom calls Aara. Advik reveals to Kamakshi that they need to keep running from that point. Kamakshi moves down and slips from the mountain. Advik holds her hand, yet soon he leaves her hand. Kamakshi is stunned, however figures out how to stand holding the mountain. Advik keeps the huge mountain there and requests that her fare thee well. He asks her not to go until he returns. Everybody gets stressed when they couldn’t discover Aara. Suman and Aara’s mum cry. Suman faults Kamakshi for the occurrence. Shanaya and Dravya go to the sanctuary where Kamakshi had come. Dravya holds the fiery debris and checks. Shanaya gets Soham’s ring and tells Dravya.

Dravya says Soham is dead. Shanaya says Advik has murdered Soham and says he sold out us and asks her not to leave him. Dravya tells that she can detect that something incorrectly has occurred here. She implores holding the fiery remains and sees the skeleton. She discloses to Shanaya that Advik murdered Kankali yet not Soham. Shanaya says who made him kankali. Dravya says it is a major peril for us all and we had executed kankali head. She discovers Kamakshi’s dress fabric and gets stressed for her. She says Kamakshi must be with Advik and appeals to God for her. Advik asks Rudranaath not to do anything to Kamakshi and requests that he rebuff him. Advik tumbles down in Rudranaath’s cavern. Rudranaath lifts him and says you needs Kamakshi. I gave all of you my lessons, made you iron and jwala and my dear Shishya. He says you have double-crossed me and need to annihilate me today. He says I turned into your sense of self and made you Aghori who can win this world, however you vanquished me today. He inquires as to for what reason did you execute my trust. He says dependable shishya gives their life likewise, however you sold out me and inquires as to for what reason did you lie to me. He beats him and makes him gravely harmed.

Rudranaath says I will give you demise for murdering my trust and is going to wound him, when Aasmi falls on harmed Advik and requests that Guru ji pardon his life. Rudranaath says you will kick the bucket as well and says there is in no way like love for Aghoran. She says she cherishes him since her youth and can give her life for Advik and end other’s life as well. She says she will slaughter Kamakshi as the grahan night is as yet not finished. Advik gets up and says Kamakshi will murder and tells that he can’t be tied by Prem’s kacchi dori. Kamakshi is as yet remaining on the little mountain and drops her shoe. The flame balls quits falling. Kamakshi moves up the mountain and scans for Advik. Advik says you believed that the young lady is my adoration, no. She is the injury, and he can forfeit 1000’s of Kamakshis for him. He requests that he offer Kamakshi to her. Rudranaath says she is my bali. Advik says she is my vengeance. Kamakshi yells Advik. Rudranaath says that multi year vagrant kid is standing infront of you as a result of you, my siddhis, gyan and so forth is all yours. He says I couldn’t overlook those faces which I had seen before you came in my life. Kamakshi appeals to God for Advik. She says my Shiv can’t do this with me. She sees the gap in the ground and red smoke is turning out from it. Advik says I can’t overlook my Baba and Maa, their appearances before their passing, their homicide and Kamakshi who was identified with that occurrence.

Advik is in the vehicle with his folks and conversing with them, when they meet with a mishap. He sees Kamakshi’s mum remaining with the hatchet there. He tells that he can’t overlook his folks’ face and saw that pic abruptly. He says that was the pic of Kamakshi’s mum. He says I need to know the appropriate response of this inquiry and need to realize where is her mum and for what reason did she murder my folks. Rudranaath requests that he give her bali and deliver retribution. Advik says so effectively, no. Kamakshi says it is a perilous spot, how to get inside. Advik tells that she will feel the torment gradually and will pass on gradually. He says you have given my life and says I will give her bali in the wake of delivering my retribution. He says I need to know why a more unusual lady slaughtered my family. He says I have to know this. He inquires as to whether I don’t reserve the option to know this, render retribution for my folks’ passing. Rudranaath says you have right and says I hung tight for her for a long time and says I will sit tight for multi month. He requests that he render retribution in a month and give her bali. He requests that he guarantee. Kamakshi falls inside and see Advik promising Rudranaath to give her bali following a month. Advik says she cherishes me frantically so this bali is certain. Kamakshi is stunned. Advik sees her. He rushes to her, embraces her and demonstrations, inquiring as to whether she is fine. Kamakshi says she is fine a direct result of the mountain which he kept. Kamakshi says land was moved from under her foot. She says she couldn’t accept with what has occurred. He says he tumbled down and was harmed. He offers to lift her. Kamakshi says she will pass by walk and requests that he accompany her. He advances his hand. Kamakshi takes a gander at him. He asks when did you come here? She says don’t stress, I came just and haven’t got numerous wounds. Suman and Param are stressed for Kamakshi and Ara. Param says I guaranteed my sister that I will deal with her and will get her wedded before she finishes 24 and says I have fizzled. Advik and Kamakshi come there. Kamakshi pretends bless her face.

Precap: Ara calls Kamakshi, before she could contact her. Advik executes her. Kamakshi goes up against him.


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