Ajay Devgan Special Appeal To People For Download App Setu

Coronvirus Fight: Due to Corona virus, the whole world is troubled at the moment. Covid-19 has been widely used in India for some time now. Government of India is making various efforts to avoid this. Lockdown has been imposed in the country till 3 May. At the same time, Bollywood celebs are working to make people aware on their behalf. Meanwhile, a special appeal has come out of Ajay Devgan.

Ajay Devgan shared a video and appealed to the people. In this video, Ajay Devgan is doing a workout in the gym. Then another Ajay Devgan comes and says, Sir, I am your new bodyguard bridge. Ajay Devgan says that but I have many bodyguards. On this, the bridge reveals its merits. Sethu says- I am a different type of bodyguard. Only the bridge can guard your body with the corona virus … Let me tell you in advance that there is no risk of corona virus. If there is a corona positive near you, I alert you in advance. If you come in contact with a corona virus person, alert me immediately. So that you do not bring this disease to your family.

Actually, with the help of this video Ajay Devgan is appealing to people to use the Setu app. Sharing the video, Ajay wrote, ‘Thanks to PM Narendra Modi and PMO India for creating individual bodyguards for every Indian to fight Covid-19. Setu is my bodyguard and yours too. Download now Setu Arogya.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi supported the talk of Ajay Devgan. He wrote, ‘You are right. The healing bridge protects us, our family and the nation. Download the app and strengthen the fight against COVID-19. ‘ Significantly, through this app, the government constantly wants to protect people from the corona virus.


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